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A single parent is a mother or father who has no husband or wife.

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No he is not a single parent

do you have grants for a single unemployed parent

A single parent is the absence of one parent in the child or children life it could be mother or father.

I too am a single parent and have already researched single parent scholarships for myself. I found that the website has a great list of avialable scholarships.

They kind of mean the same thing but the difference is that : Single parent = A parent who is doing everything by her/his self like raising a family or handling children on his/her own. Parent = A parent is just everything. A parent is just a parent.

About 43% of children in Louisiana live in a single parent household.

There are many options for a single parent in college. A great benefit is being able to receive financial aid for being both in college, and a single parent.

Catherine Townsend Horner has written: 'The single-parent family in children's books' -- subject(s): Bibliography, Children's stories, Family in literature, Juvenile literature, Single-parent families, Single-parent families in literature, Single-parent family

According to the US census bureau there are about 13 millions households that are single parent homes. 84% are single mothers and 16% are single fathers.

A single parent need to run both roles as the caregiver and authority figure. It means that being the only parent in the home, there are multiplied responsibilities and extra stresses which should be done in single capacity instead.

A family with one parent and the parent adopted children so its a familt with one parent and adopted children

Growing up in a single parent household increases likelihood of teen pregnancy.

I am a single parent to 2 girls and in my opinion you just have to try your best cant do anymore.

Being a single parent can be difficult in several aspects. You are the soul provider, which entails more hours at work, barely anytime to yourself, and financial worry. But keep in mind, being a single parent also has its rewards.

As single parent families increase, it can place a financial burdens on state and the federal government to aid poor single parent families. Aside from that, most sociologists believe that children in such families suffer as a parent is "missing". This is not healthy for any nation.

a single parent produces an offspring that is identical to the parent.

Rosa Parks was not a parent as she never had any children.

about 330 billion single parents are struggeling in China!

Most single-parent families are a result of divorce, spousal death, or a child being born out of wedlock.

Yes, a single-parent family is no better or worse than the traditional family.

John Gonder has written: 'The housing needs of \\' -- subject(s): Housing, Housing policy, Single people, Single-parent families, Single-parent family

possibly but it really depends on the parent and how much attention he/she pays to the child They can do very well, I have been a single parent for thirteen years and both my daughters are at college and university.