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What is a six-letter word for a line with angles that is not straight?

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Yes, For a line set that has an angle greater than 90 degrees, the line set is "OBTUSE".

For a line set that has an angle less than 90 degrees, the line set is "ACUTE".

For a line set that has an angle equal to 90 degrees, the line set is "RIGHT ANGLE".

2015-02-28 16:00:37
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What is a 6 letter word for a line with angles that's not straight?


What does the word purpendicular mean?

vertical; straight up and down; upright; meeting a given line or surface at right angles.

What is the definition of the word adjacent angles?

A pair of angels in a straight line formed by a line or half-line meeting it is called adjacent angels. Adjacent angels will add up to 180°.

What is antonym of a straight line?

The word straight does have an antonym, which is crooked. So perhaps a crooked line is the opposite of a straight line.

What is the suprise vertical word?

for example a straight line.(is it straight up and down)

What is a word that has 5 acute 2 obtuse and 5 right angles?

It is possible that this the question concerns upper case letters in the Roman alphabet, and excludes angle between a straight line and a curve (the curved part of P meets the vertical straight at right angles). In that case, one possible answer is WAFT.

The word meaning not forming a straight line?


What is the definition of a vertical line?

A vertical line is one which rises at right angles to a base-line. Another word for it is a perpendicular.

How do you spell angles?

That is the correct spelling of the plural noun "angles."NOTE : The word angles means geometric line forms, angels are the religious entities.

What is A three letter word meaning a straight line?


What is the meaning of the word line in geometry?

A line is a straight segment extending outwards in both directions.

Is a linear equation straight?

The word straight doesn't really apply to an equation. However the graph of a linear equation is a straight line.

How do you use word line as a verb in a sentence?

Line up outside the ship.Make sure you line these up straight.

What is the word to describe that light usually travels in a straight line?


What is a sentence using the word straight?

I struggle to walk in a straight line when I've drunk too much Guinness.

What is a word meaning a straight path between two endpoints?

a line segment

What T-word is defined in geometry as a straight line that that touches a curve but continues on without crossing?

It is a tangent line

Is the graph of linear equation is always a straight line?

Yes. That is what the word "linear" means!

What is the measure of and obtuse angle and acute angle?

An obtuse angle is anything that measures between 91-179 degrees. (because 90 degrees is a right angle and 180 is a straight angle) An acute angle is anything that is lower than 90 degrees.** TIP: I remember acute angles because it has the word cute in it and I think "Oh it's so cute." I can remember right angles because "They are always right, proper, and tall." Straight angles look like a straight line so that's easy enough to remember.

What t-word is defined in geometry as a straight line that touches a curve?


What word is used to describe a line that goes straight up and down?


How do you spell plum as in vertically straight?

You're referring to the word 'plumb' - as in plumb line.

What is the word for this definition Angles that are inside parallel lines that are cut by a transversal?

Alternate and interior angles are created between parallel lines when a transversal line cuts through them.

How do you use the word triangle in a complex sentence?

A triangle is a closed shape with 3 straight lines, where the sum of its angles is 180 degrees.

Where did the word linear equation came from?

It is an equation which, if plotted will be represented by a straight line (hence linear).