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A small earthquake is anything not felt or is felt but does not do any damage to property.

An earthquake of magnitude 2.5 or less is usually not felt, but can be recorded by seismograph. Earthquakes above magnitude 2.5 and under magnitude 5.4 are often felt but only cause minor damage.

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What is a small earthquake after a big earthquake in the same spot called?

earthquake aftershocks

Compare and contrast aftershocks and foreshocks?

An aftershock is a small earthquake that follows the main earthquake, while a foreshock is a small earthquake that often precedes, leads to, a major earthquake.

Is a 5.6 earthquake small or big?

it is small.

Does a small earthquake mean that a larger earthquake is coming?

Not always

What is the name of the small earthquake that occurs after a large earthquake?

an aftershock

When does an earth tremor become an earthquake?

An earthquake is called an earthquake no matter whether it is small or large. An earth tremor is just a general term used by people to describe a small earthquake.

Small foreshocks that precede a major earthquake can occur?

Small foreshocks that precede a major earthquake can occur

Does a small earthquake mean that a larer earthquake is coming?

Most small earthquakes are just background seismicity. There is no way to tell whether a small event will be followed by a larger one. But if there is a larger earthquake afterwards, the first earthquake is called a "foreshock"

Is 5.6 a small or big earthquake?

it is actually small.

How small can an earthquake get?

Hershey S's

Would a large earthquake cause more damage than a small earthquake?


What is the first indication of an earthquake?

A small Tremor

What do you call a small earthquake that follows a more powerful earthquake in the same area?

It is called an aftershock.

What is more destructive a big earthquake or many small earthquakes?

It depends on how big the earthquake is. A big earthquake will cause more damage to the area.

What are earthquake after earthquake?

A small earthquake that happens after a larger one is called an aftershock. Aftershocks happen because the crust in the area where the main earthquake happened is adjusting to the earthquake's effects.

Was the Haiti earthquake the smallest earthquake?

No. The earthquake that struck Haiti in 2010 was a 7.0, which is a very large earthquake, though by no means the largest. The smallest earthquakes are too small to even be felt.

How small can a tsunami be?

a tsunami depends on the magnitude of the earthquake

What does the terms tremor or shock refer to?

A small earthquake

Has there ever been a earthquake in Florida?

Yes there is but usually small

Does a small earthquake mean a bigger one is coming?


How big was gays islands earthquake?

pretty small actually

What does tremor mean when your talking about volcanos and earthquakes?

A small earthquake

Do small tremors occur after an earthquake?

yes. they are called aftershocks

Small tremors following an earthquake are called?

They are known as aftershocks.

How many deaths are there in an average earthquake?

as the vast majority of earthquakes are very small, the number of deaths in an average earthquake is zero.

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