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Q: What is a small piece of food made with sugar?
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What is the difference between nugget and nougat?

NUGGET is a small piece of something. NOUGAT is a sweet made from sugar and nuts!

What food is made of bread and is named with three letter words?

The word is bun. A bun is a small round piece of bread.

Is malt flavoring sugar?

Malt is made from barley or grain and contains a small amount of sugar. Through the process of malting, malt flavoring is extracted can be used to sweeten food.

What piece of DNA is made of sugar a phosphate and a base?

A nucleotide. 😀

What food is made by photosynthesis?

sugar is made By AJ or alijah

What are skittles made out of?

sugar food coloring

What is the simple food made by photosynthesis?

it is sugar

What food is made in the cells of plants?


Is the food made during photosynthesis simple sugar?

Glucose is made during photosyntheis, which is a simple sugar.

Can you make red sugar at home?

well you can with food die (food colourant it in sugar and let it dry but if your talking about home made sugar that is made fully at home then I don't think so.

How many small words you can make from piece?

Small words that can be made from the letters in 'piece' are:epicIicepeepipie

Does light reaction produce sugar?

Yes it does and how it its done is through photosynthesis through plants by creating their own food so yes light reaction does produce sugar as made from this small example.

What is cotton candy made out of?

Sugar and food coloring.

What is the food made during photosynthesis?

sugar and oxygen

What is the form that the food in a leaf is in when it is first made?


What is another word for the food made by photosynthesis?


What are sugar crystals made out of?

sugar crystals are made out of water that has been boiled house hold sugar and somtimes food coloring to make it look preety

How are chocolate chip morsels made?

Chocolate Morsels are small chocolate pieces made from sugar, chocolate, coca and lots more.Chocolate Morsels are small chocolate pieces made from sugar, chocolate, coca and lots more.

What are Swedish fish made of?

Sugar, gelatin, and food coloring.

How is carbon dioxid made?

it comes from the sugar of the food you eat

Can a crystal be made of sugar?

Yes. It can also be made by salt, food coloring and candy.

What are sweets made from?

plenty of sugar , and milk flavourings for it and food colourings

What formula represents the food energy made by plants?

Glucose (sugar)

What food What is made at mission san buenaventura?

Beans and soup and sugar

What is a food made by boiling fruit and sugar until it is thick?