What is a smart charger for airsoft?

A smart charger is a lot better for your airsoft batteries. It charges your batteries in less than half the time it would take for your batteries on a wall charger. They are also a lot better for your batteries because batteries have memory. Say you have 2000 mAh of energy inside your battery. You use it until it has 1500 mAh left. If you plug it into a standard wall charger, by the time it's done charging, you won't have 2000 mAh of energy, you will have 1500 mAh. A smart charger prevents this. A smart charger also goes on trickle charge when your battery is done charging, so your battery doesn't overcharge or overheat. Trickle charge is when the smart charger creates a equillibrium of battery to charger, so that the charger charges the battery at the same rate that the battery uses energy. To sum it all up: A smart charger is better for your batteries and charges them faster, without damaging them. I personally have one, and it is well worth the money. Also: mAh stands for milliamps. This is the amount of energy storage the battery has. The higher the mAh, the longer the shooting time.