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A social phenomenon is anything that influences or is influenced by organisms sufficiently alive to respond to one another. One aspect of Sociology is the study of social phenomenon's. Love is a social phenomenon.
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Why is language considered a social phenomenon?

Language is considered a social phenomenon because all human beings communicate with their respective speech communities using the language they speak. It the through language day-today interactions are possible, it is with the help of language interpersonal relations are possible. After all, langua ( Full Answer )

What does phenomenon mean?

Example: I saw Jesus for the first time, it was a Phenomenon!!! =) Definition: Rare occurrence

What is dienes phenomenon?

Proteus is a genus of bacteria in the family of Enterobacteriaceae . Proteus species are famous for their swarming on solid culture media.. When different Proteus species swarm towards each other, a line of inhibited growth results where strains meet. This was first observed in 1946 by Dienes ( Full Answer )

What is a natural phenomenon?

A phenomenon is an unusual, significant, or unaccountable fact or occurrence; a marvel. EG: Stonehenge, its unusual its a marvel and the phenomenonal thing about it is.... how did it get there? that's what I personally think what it is. feel free to correct it if I'm way off mark haha.

What is phenomenon?

Something that is impressive or extraordinary; or any fact or thing, or event, which can be seen or otherwise observed, rather than simply guessed at or intuited.

What is the phenomenon of sound?

one phenomena of sound is echo.. it is a reflection of sound. e.g when you are in an open room and scream your voice is bouncing off the walls and objects, some sound is absorbed and some is reflected, it is the reflecting sound waves that reflect your words back to you

How can I have phenomenon in a sentence?

Use phenomenon to describe something out of the ordinary like.. Hally's Comet which comes to pass Earth every.. like 76 years like: It was a phenomenon to watch the legendary Hally's Comet the night it passed over our sky. or describe a legendary sports athlete or something.

What is a sociological phenomenon?

Whenever two or more people interact with or relate to each other asociological phenomenon is generated. If this is adopted by otherpeople then it becomes a sociological process. Two people may have an opinion or viewpoint independently of eachother. That is not a sociological phenomena. So if two ( Full Answer )

What is space phenomenon?

That is a rather broad question.. I would assume that it is a penomenon that occurs in space.. by the dictionary a phenomenon is:. 1. a fact, occurrence, or circumstance observed or observable: to study the phenomena of nature. 2. something that is impressive or extraordinary. 3. a remarkable o ( Full Answer )

What is the Eureka Phenomenon?

The "eureka phenomenon" was discovered by Isaac Asimov and described in his 1971 essay with the same name. . His theory, in simple terms, is that a person has both voluntary and involuntary thought processes. When the voluntary thoughts are exhausted, one must relax and their involuntary thoughts ( Full Answer )

Phenomenon in a sentence?

When you see a comet that only comes around once in 72 years, it is quite a phenomenon.

Explain a phenomenon?

A phenomenon is any observable occurrence. In popular usage, a phenomenon often refers to an extraordinary event. In scientific usage, a phenomenon is any event that is observable, however commonplace it might be, even if it requires the use of instrumentation to observe it. for example, in physics, ( Full Answer )

What is somogyi's phenomenon?

Rebound hyperglycaemia to counter regulatory hormone release. It is a swing to a high level of glucose (sugar) in the blood from an extremely low level. usually occurring after an untreated insulin reaction during the night. It is caused by the body releasing stress hormones to fight the low glucose ( Full Answer )

What are space phenomenons?

A Space Phenomenon is a rare occurence in space. It also means that it is a mystery unsolved by by astromers.

What is an example of phenomenon?

Falling objects . Electrical conductivity . Triboluminescence . Radioactivity . Sound . Electromagnetism . Permanent magnetism . Odorous materials . etc. Is that enough examples?

What the phenomenon in Facebook?

its just easy to share stuff and stay in touch with people other than that its the most annoying thing on the internet that will sodomize your email inbox.

What is Reynolds phenomenon?

Raynauld's Phenomenon is when the small vessels in the fingers and toes have excessive constriction when exposed to the cold or emotional stress causing the fingers to turn white then blue. Following warming the fingers go red and painful. This syndrome is mostly commonly associated with Scleroderma ( Full Answer )

What are examples of social phenomenon?

There are so many examples of social phenomenon. Some of theminclude criminal activities, rape, suicide, drug abuse, violenceand so much more.

What is a ecological phenomenon?

Ecological events that occur over long periods of time or long distances that they are difficult to study directly. They are usually represented by a model.

What is an iceberg phenomenon?

iceberg phenomenon is the representation of disease burden of a community. The clinically apparent cases represent only a small fraction of the total cases of disease in the community and reprented by the tip of the iceberg. Inapparent cases, including preclinical, subclinical, chronic, and latent ( Full Answer )

What is multidimensional phenomenon?

Multidimensional phenomenons are actually quite incredible. Thesephenomenon's are representative of many differing views that areall brought together tastefully.

What is the plural of phenomenon?

The plural of phenomenon is phenomena. While phenomena is the usual plural of phenomenon, p henomenons can sometimes be used as well in nonscientific writing when the meaning is "extraordinary things, occurrences, or persons".

What is a psychopathological phenomenon?

A psychopatholgocial phenomenon is an abnormal (pathological) psychological symptom as seen with a mental disorder. A psychopathological symptom appears in a person`s mind when abnormal thinking, feeling or behavior is recognized. Terms of psychopathological phenomenon have been introduced in ps ( Full Answer )

What is a cavern phenomenon?

Not an answerable question: what did you have in mind? Caves are individual but are not exactly "phenomena". Too many of them for that.

What is communication phenomenon?

it is the exchange of information between the giver (of the message) and the receiver, that requires the understanding of context( Cultural), between the communicator and the receiver of the message.this message is encoded in the means of communication and has to be decoded in order to understand th ( Full Answer )

What is a phenomenon?

A phenomenon is any occurence, fact, or happening that can be observed. The term is usually applied to something unusual or unique in some way. It is sometimes applied to a person who displays rare talents or abilities (as in sports). When talking about more than one phenomenon, the plural is phe ( Full Answer )

What is the phenomenon of capillarity?

As we insert a tube with fine bore in a beaker of water then water seems rise in the fine bore even above the level of water in the beaker. This rise is known to be capillary rise. Hence capillarity. This is due to the property, surface tension of water. But as we do the same experiment using mercur ( Full Answer )

What is the phenomenon of fog?

Phenomena is plural for phenomenon meaning A fact, occurrence, or circumstance that is observed or observable. Fog is a natural phenomenon in nature meaning exactly that. It is a natural occurrence that can be observed in nature. Think of it like a rainbow, wave on the ocean, and or even a vol ( Full Answer )

What is Proust Phenomenon?

Proust Phenomenon is when a particular smell brings back a memory. Scent memory is the strongest and longest lasting.

What is gaidukov phenomenon?

it is defined as variation of colors in some cyanobacterias w.r.t. change in wavelength of light i.e, as falling of lights of different wavelengths,cyanobacterias appears of different colors.e.g.Oscillatoria.

What is Phenomenon catenation?

Phenomenon Catenation is a link to self of the atoms of elements to produce lengthy chains Carbon is an example

What is Raynaud phenomenon?

A condition in which blood flow to the body's tissues is reduced by a malfunction of the nerves that regulate the constriction of blood vessels.When attacks occur as part of a disease (as in scleroderma), it is called Raynaud phenomenon.

What is Raynaud's phenomenon?

Intermittant ischemia (deficient blood flow) of the fingers or toes, sometimes also affecting the ears and nose. The phenomenon in which, a disorder causing discoloration of the fingers, toes, and occasionally nose and earlobes is discussed; is known as Raynaud's Phenomenon. The classic cause is ( Full Answer )

Is phenomenon an adjective?

No, it is not. The word phenomenon is a singular noun, and theplural is phenomena. The adjective form is "phenomenal"(extraordinary or exceptional).

What are celestrial phenomenons?

Celestial phenomema are things like auroras, Haley's Comet, triple eclipses (like the one in 2009), etc.

What is love as a phenomenon?

There is a recently-published phenomenological analysis of Love !! The Nature of Love by Dietrich von Hildebrand "This book is by far the best philosophical work on love to date. Coming from the perspective of a student philosopher immersed in research into the nature of love, I find no better ar ( Full Answer )

What is the phenomenon of lighting?

Depends on what lighting you're referring to? Lighting happenings in everything from movies to the screen in your computer.

What is wobble phenomenon?

The wobble phenomenon is when a heavenly body comes close enough to two different gravitation pulls,being pulled in opposing directions,causing it to wobble on its axis.

What is the overconfidence phenomenon?

The Overconfidence Phenomenon is a term of modern psychology that pairs with Hindsight Bias . Basically, it states that humans naturally are overconfident in predictions on many parts of life. Also, If someone learns an outcome and believes that they could have foreseen it, they can develop overcon ( Full Answer )

What is the prefix of phenomenon?

The prefix if "phenomenon" is "phe." The root is "nomen," which means "name." I don't know what the prefix "phe" or the suffix "on" mean, I came here looking for an answer, not a question :P.

What is a pathological phenomenon?

A pathological phenomenon is an markedly abnormal, excessive, or extreme occurence or circumstance. Can be found in many forms whether personalities, disorders, or even math equations.

What is a TEORCA Phenomenon?

The TEORCA Phenomenon , a Star Trek creation, refers to the tendency of travelers at the edges of the galaxies to return to their younger, physical selves. Travelers at the boundaries avoid this phenomenon by wearing accelerator vests .

Is ASMR a phenomenon?

In a way, it is a psychological phenomenon because we still don'tcompletely understand it. It is being studied by scientists and psychologists.

What is a antonym for phenomenon?

Antonyms for phenomenon as an occurrence include: . Nonevent . Lie Antonyms for phenomenon as an extraordinary person or eventinclude: . Simpleton . Regularity . Expectation . Imbecile

What is a nutural phenomenon?

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What is paranormal phenomenon?

Paranormal, defined as "beyond the range of scientifically known orrecognizable phenomena," is another term frequently used whendiscussing the occult.