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A solid hypoechoic nodule is a solid nodule that sends fewer and weaker waves on ultrasound. The next step if a solid hypoechoic nodule is fine needle aspiration to check for malignancy.

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Q: What is a solid hypoechoic nodule?
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What does a isoechoic nodule with partial hypoechoic halo mean in a thyroid ultrasound?

What is Hypoechoic to Isoechoic Nodule

Hypoechoic thyroid nodule?

Hepoechoi thyroid nodule are not cancerous .

Is hypoechoic nodule a cancer?

A hypoechoic nodule is not necessarily cancer. A biopsy is done to determine if the nodule is malignant. Bilateral or multiple nodules are more likely to be benign. If the size of the nodule is large and bothersome, it is removed with surgery.

What is a subcentimeter solid hypoechoic thyroid nodule?

This is an ultrasound report that is saying that the thyroid that was scanned has a solid nodule that is just a little under 1/2 inch in diameter and doesn't show up as well compared to the surrounding tissue..

What causes a hypoechoic nodule?

A hypoechoic nodule is a fluid-filled or solid mass that causes weak, limited echoes in comparison to the surrounding tissue during an ultrasound or sonogram. It is most frequently detected in the thyroid, and caused by diet-induced iodine deficiency, autoimmune disorders, radiation exposure and genetics.

What is a circumscribed hypoechoic nodule?

A hypoechoic nodule is an area of tissue that is less dense than the surrounding tissue. It is not likely to be cancer if it's circumscribed. Talk with your health care provider for advice specific to your situation.

What is a hypoechoic nodule uncertain etiology?

A hypoechoic nodule of uncertain etiology is a round area on ultrasound that shows up less white than surrounding tissue. "Uncertain etiology" means the radiologist isn't sure what it is.

Enlarged prostate with hypoechoic nodule and concretions?

prostatic enlargement with concreation..what is that mean for?.

How bad is a hypoechoic breast nodule?

A hypoechoic breast nodule is one that is less dense than the surrounding tissue. It may be benign or cancerous. Talk with your health care provider for information specific to your situation, including information on further testing that may be required.

What does hypoechoic nodule mean?

A region in an ultrasound image in which the echoes are weaker or fewer than normal or in the surrounding regions

Solid nodule on right kidney?

solid nodel in left kidney\

What does hypoechoeic area mean?

Hypoechoic area is a medical term relating to ultrasound scanning. On ultrasound, a solid mass appears as a grey or hypoechoic area.

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