What is a solute in brass alloy containing 75 percent copper ans 25 percent zinc?

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The solute is zinc and the solvent is copper, as there is more copper in the solution than zinc.
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What alloys contain nickel and copper?

Answer . cupro-nickels, there exists a range of differentcopper nickel alloys that possess different properties and hence aresuited to a range of different applications. Some of the better knowncopper nickel alloys include: · Copper with 10% nickel · Copper wi ( Full Answer )

Why is heat needed to create a brass alloy from copper and zinc?

Heat is needed because if you just placed copper with zinc, you'd just have a zinc coating around the copper. The composition of zinc and the composition of zinc will be separate instead of becoming one solution. The heat allows the two to bond, allowing the zinc and copper to move around, and becom ( Full Answer )

Alloy made of copper and zinc?

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc; the proportions of zinc and copper can be varied to create a range of brasses with varying properties.

What percent of 75 is 25?

25 is what percent of 75 = 25 / 75 = 0.333333 Converting decimal to a percentage: 0.333333 * 100 = 33.33%

What is 25 percent of 75?

To find 25 percent of a number, multiply the number by 0.25. In this instance, 0.25 x 75 = 18.75. Therefore, 25 percent of 75 is equal to 18.75.\n

How much of an alloy that is 20 percent copper should be mixed with 300 ounces of an alloy that is 60 percent copper in order to get an alloy that is 30 percent copper?

900 ounces. Since this contains 20% copper, The copper content will be 180 ounces. The original 300 ounces contain 30% copper which is also 180 ounces. Hence in the resulting mixture of 1200 ounces (300+900), the total copper is 360 ounces (180+180). Hence the copper content of resulting mixture is ( Full Answer )

What is FEF 25-75 percent?

Forced expiratory flow at 25% point to the 75% point of Forced Vital Capacity, a technique that assess exhalation of an individual to help characterize their lung disease. FEF 25-75 is one of many pulmonary function tests, FEV1 being the most common. some other examples: FVC, FEV1, DLCO, and TLC, ( Full Answer )

Is brass a mixture of copper and zinc?

Yes: Brass is a homogeneous mixture (metal alloy) of at least . 56% Copper (Cu) and . 5% up to 41.5% Zinc (Zn) and with . smaller amounts of Tin (Sn), Lead (Pb), Ni(ckle), Iron (Fe) or Al(uminum)

Metal alloy that is 18 percent copper how many ounces of an alloy that is 14 percent copper must be mixed with an alloy that is 23 percent copper to form 90 ounces of alloy?

The mass or weight w of the desired 18 % copper alloy may be calculated from the masses of the two kinds of distinct alloys specified to be mixed and their masses, M for the copper-rich alloy and m for the lower copper alloy, from the formula 0.23M + 0.14m = 0.18 (M + m). Furthermore, M + m is state ( Full Answer )

True or false the composition of a penny is 97.5 percent zinc and 2.5 percent copper?

True and False. If the coin is dated 1983 and newer, it is indeed 97.5% zinc and 2.5% copper. However, if it is dated 1981 and earlier, then it is 95% copper. During 1982, the US Government decided that pennies were too expensive to make with so much copper. So they decided to use zinc, with is stro ( Full Answer )

75 is what percent of 25?

300% Because you divide both sides by 25 and you will get 75/25=3. Then convert 3 into 300% by making it into a decimal, 3.00 and move the decimal place two places to the right.

Which alloy contain copper and zinc?

Alloys that contain only copper and zinc are usually called "brass"; there are also some alloys that contain one or more other metals in addition to copper and zinc, and these usually have another name.

Are copper brass aluminum lead tin zinc and bronze alloys?

well they are all metal what you think. but if you take 13.6 x 2 and divide by the 4 chemical compounds of the periotic table by using newton's first law take the mass of the object and find the density of the water and make a hypothesis of where the alloys fall on the table. than you will find in ( Full Answer )

What is 25 percent off of 75 dollars?

$18.75 is 25% $75 - $18.75 = $56.25 To find a percent, divide your number by 100 (to get 1%) then multiply by how many percent you need (in your case 75, as you have taken 25 away from 100)

How much of an alloy that is 20 percent copper should be mixed with 100 ounces of an allo that is 60 percent copper in order to get an alloy that is 30 percent copper?

The question can be rewritten as the following equation: (20%x + 60%100)/(100+x) = 30% Where x is the amount of 20% copper you need to add. This equation can be solved by first multiplying both sides by (100+x) to get: 20%x + 60%100 = 30%100 + 30%x Now 30%100 can be subtracted from both sides 20%x ( Full Answer )

What is 75 percent off of 25?

The answer is $6.25. 1st u divide 25 by 100. The answer is .25. Then u multiply .25 & 75 the answer is 18.75. Then u subtract 18.75 from 25.

How many percent of copper percent in brass?

there are many combinations of brass/copper/zinc. High brass for example has 65% copper and 35% zinc. Nickel brass has 70% copper and 24.5% zinc with 5.5% nickel Prince's has 75% copper and 25% zinc

Are coins with 75 percent copper valuable?

Coins with any copper content may or may not be valuable depending on the country of origin, year of minting, denomination, condition and rarity of the coin, not because of the copper content.

How much of an alloy that is 40 percent copper should be mixed with 400 ounces of an alloy that is 80 percent copper in order to get an alloy that is 60 percent alloy?

Designate the weight in ounces of the first alloy, containing 40 percent copper, as w. Then, from the problem statement and the fact that percentages can be converted to decimals by dividing by 100, 0.40w + (0.80)(400) = 0.60(400 + w). Applying the usual methods of algebra, multiplying out results ( Full Answer )

What do copper and zinc do to brass?

i need to answer this --> Properties of alloy that are different to and more useful than the main metal... i think this means what do they do?

What alloy contains copper and zinc?

Brass (copper, zinc) Calamine brass (copper, zinc) Chinese silver (copper, zinc) Dutch metal (copper, zinc) Gilding metal (copper, zinc) Muntz metal (copper, zinc) Pinchbeck (copper, zinc) Prince's metal (copper, zinc)

Is an alloy of copper zinc and tin a sollution?

A alloy of copper, zinc, and tin is not a solution but an alloy of metals. An alloy is combination of metals which have been made into one while a solution is one or more substances being dissolved into another.