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What is a sour grapes attitude?


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The Aesop's fable where the fox said that the grapes that he couldn't reach were sour, just because he couldn't reach them might be related to a sour grape attitude.


A sour grapes attitude is when there is nothing sweet about you at that moment. You are bitter and no matter what anyone else does or says, you remain bitter. If someone tries to show you the positive side of whatever situation is ailing you, and you rebut everything that they say with a negative comment; that is a sour grape attitude.

A sour grape attitude is having a nasty attitude, they will not speak, (silent treatment),

When you try talking to them, they snap, or answer in a derogatory way, they are cold, they ignore you. They are downright on the "just leave me alone" list at that moment, your best bet "leave them alone, but always have a smile on the inside, you have to counteract their attitude.