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It may be a map that shows city parks, bicycle trails, ecological walks, etc.

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Is a star on a map usually a national capital?

It depends on the map. A star could be a place of special interest for example. Capital cities are often shown by larger squares. It will say on a map what the various symbols mean.

What does Madison mean by faction?

A special interest or a special interest group.

A product map is an example of a relief or special-purpose map?

It is an example of an special purpose map, because it has a special purpose or theme

What is the definition or a special-purpose map?

define special-purpose map

What is primary purpose of special interest groups?

To promote their special interest of course.

What is the definition of special interest magazines?

A magazine devoted mainly to cycling can be classed as a magazine of special interest (at least to cyclists).

What is a special interest group?

a Special Interest Group (SIG) is a community with a particular interest in a specific technical area.

What is a special purpose map?

Thematic Map

How do you use Special interest group in a sentence?

Special interest groups are made up of people with special interests.

What part of a special purpose map tells you what colors on the map mean?

the part of the special-purpose map tells what the colors on the map mean is the key. the reason is because on the "Special-Pourpose Map" because the type of key there is on the map is called "Climate Regions".

What is a thematic or special purpose map?

A thematic or special purpose map has a theme or specific topic. An example of a thematic map is a map of the world's population density.

What are the six special purpose map?

A world map, cartogam, aeronautical map, nautical chart, contour map, topographic map, geologic map, cartogram, and pictorial map are nine of the various types of maps available for special purposes.

What does a special purpose map and a political map have in common that a physical map does not have?

The thing that a special purpose map and a political map have in common that a physical map doesn't is that they show cities and a political map only shows main cities and elevation.

How do you use special interest groups in a sentence?

The Special interest group issued a few methods for the organization.

What do map scales and map legends explain in a map?

A scale measures distance and the legend shows points of interest and facts of the map.

Is a military map an example of a special purpose map?


Is a rainfall map a example of a special purpose map?


What is the difference between a contour map and a special purpose map?

a countour map shows elevation, while YOU should find out what a special purpose map is. It's not that hard. try google.

What is a special pupose map?

A special purpose map, also known as a thematic map, is a map that shows specific information on one topic. It could be climate regions, roads, etc.

What type of interest group is NAACP?

They are a Special Interest Group.

What is the difference between a general purpose map and a special purpose map?

being gay What is the difference between a general purpose and special purpose map?

An interest rate is a special type of?

An interest rate is a special type of income/ profit/ value measurement -- depending on the context in which you're describing the interest rate.

How do you find PLATES on a map?

they have special map for showing the plates, i believe it is called a tectonic map.

Give example of special purpose map?

appplied to a texture map

Can you show a map of where horses live in the world?

yes, that type of map is called a special-purpose map...