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What is a stem-and-leaf plot?

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an arrangement of data for 2-digit numbers , the tens digits are shown as the "steams" and the ones digits as the "leaves"

Example: 19,22,25,26,27,28,29,30,34,36,37,42,43,44,46,48,48,49,52,53,55,57,58,62

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It was the Throckmorton Plot, and before it was the Ridolfi Plot

Is a plot an adjective?

No, a plot is a noun. To plot is a verb.

Why bode plot is called plot not graph?

cos it's a plot it needs to be called a plot

What is a plot line?

A plot line is the story line or plot of a piece of writing.

Is plot within plot essential in a novel?

You don't have to have plot within plot to have an interesting book. Most books just have one plot, or maybe a plot with a minor subplot.

What is the plot of a book report?

It is not the plot of the report, but the plot of the book. The plot is the story line - what is happening, who is involved, when, why, and where.

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They lack boundaries. According to various theories it was a Cuban plot, a Russian Plot, a CIA plot, a DOD plot, an Alien Plot, a Republican plot, a Vietnamese plot, a Ku Klux Klan plot, a Moon man plot and other scenarios that may be equally absurd.

What is a plot teaser?

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What is the importance of the plot in stories?

The plot is what happens - without a plot, there is no story

What is an episodic plot?

It is a plot divided into parts,each having its own plot yet contributing to the bigger plot.

Can a plot happen outside a plot?

The plot is just what happens in the story. You can't have plot going on outside of a story, no.

Is plot an abstract noun?

A plot, as in a plan or storyline, is an abstract noun. A plot, as in a piece of land, is a noun. Plot can also be a verb, as it to plot a route or a diagram.

What is the Gunpowder Plot of 1605?

The Gunpowder Plot of 1605 is also referred to as the Gunpowder Treason Plot. This plot was a plot to blow up James the First. One can learn more specifics about this plot on the History website.

What type of graph is best to use to show the relationship between sets of data?

A scatter plot.A scatter plot.A scatter plot.A scatter plot.

Gun powder plot?

The gunpowder plot is where somone made a plot with gunpowder

What is the definition of plot hill?

To tell the story plot by plot or chapter by chapter.

What kind diagram is used to graph two-variable data for correlation analysis?

A scatter plot.A scatter plot.A scatter plot.A scatter plot.

How does the addition of a possible outlier on PLOT B affect the center of PLOT B relative to the center of PLOT A?

The answer will depend on what PLOT A and PLOT B are. But since you have chosen not to provide that information the answer is

Which type of chart shows the pattern or relationships between sets of data points?

A scatter plot.A scatter plot.A scatter plot.A scatter plot.

Which is a na plot?

Na plot

Was the plot for The 39 Clues?

what is the plot

Use the word plot in a sentence?

The plot to kinap the Prime Minister was uncovered. I can plot a course to the island. The plot of the book was very complex. You can have a small plot of land to plant your garden.

What is a plot triangle?

It is a diagram of a plot showing beginning, middle, and end of the story's plot.

How can a plot help you understand a story?

The plot is the story -- plot means what happens in a story.

What is the Greek word for 'plot'?

The word for "plot" in Greek is, "οικόπεδο". Hope this helps!