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Trurl's machine is a story about two inventors that make a very dumb robot that trys to kill them

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Q: What is a summary of Trurl's Machine?
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What is the settings of trurls machine?

its once upon a time in trurls town

Where are the settings of trurls machine?

The setting of Trurls machine takes place in a faux medieval time period in a small town where mountains are in the vicinity.

What is the climax in the story trurls machine?

when the life of the servant is spared

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What is the climax of the story in the trurl's machine the author stanislaw lem?

ñTrurl's Machineî is a short story by Stanislaw Lem. Turl invented a machine that was considered stupid because it always gave a wrong answer when it was asked a question. The climax of the story is when Trurl kicks the machine, since nothing else has worked, hoping that will help it to answer questions correctly. The machine gets aggravated and begins to chase Trurl and his friend.

What is trurl's machine a satire of?

CHARACTERS IN THE TRURL'S MACHINE:trurl - who invented a mchineclapaucius - friend of trurlandthe stupid machine

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