What is a summary of the story 'A Letter to God'?

A Mexican peasant, Lencho, is distraught because a hailstorm has totally destroyed his crops and his family will have no food or money through the winter to come. He is a simple man of great faith in God and writes a letter asking for the modest sum of one hundred pesos. He mails the letter addressed to "Dios", and the village postmaster opens it and reads it. Moved by the ridiculousness of such a request but also by the peasant's simple but strong faith, the postmaster collects seventy pesos and mails it back to Lencho, being careful to cancel the stamp. Proud of the good deed and curious to see Lencho's reaction to the money from "God", the postmaster and his staff watch for the peasant's reaction to the gift. Surprise turns from triumph to disbelief to disappointment to outrage as Lencho counts the money. Lencho writes another letter to God, mails it, and leaves. The postmaster opens it and reads the following : Dios, thank you for the money, but please do not send it through the post office. They are thieves!"

Isn't this a beautiful irony, maybe the finest example to be found in a parable of only three or four pages?

What does it say about Lencho and his faith?

What does it say about the postmaster's belief about God?

Does any good deed go unpunished?