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Every new house should have a detailed plotting done. That's known as a survey. It is particularly important if you are applying for a mortgage loan and securing it with insurance. A survey includes the entire layout of the house as well as its outer boundaries. Most real estate companies like have property surveying as a specialized service.

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Q: What is a survey for a new house and is it necessary to have done?
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What is a survey for a new house and is it necessary to have it done?

A survey is a detailed map/plot of the general layout of your home and lot. It contains all of your homes boundaries. It also maps out the home's buried utility lines. It also gives an exact location of your property with a lot/block description and may even contain degrees. A survey is required on every new home purchase if you are taking a mortgage on the property. Even if you are not taking a mortgage, a survey allows your title company to remove any exceptions to title insurance coverage that would otherwise be disclosed by an accurate survey. Over time, fences and walls may have encroached over the property line, so the survey provides certainty that the lot you are purchasing has the expected boundaries and easements.

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