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Q: What is a synonym for parts?
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Related questions

What is the synonym for Microsoft?

Microsoft is the name of a company; it has no synonym. A synonym for each of its parts would be: Micro-small, soft-tender, gentle.

What is the synonym for parts?

Pieces or bits

What is it called when one word can be used as different parts of speech?

a synonym

Is won and one a synonym?

no they are not they may sound the same but they mean completely different things One: single Won: to win something a synonym for one would be sing, singular, alone, (often synonyms of a word are parts of the definition) a synonym for won would be to have achieved, accomplished umm no they are homynims a synonym are two different words that mean the same thing

Can analogies be both parts synonym?

Yes Example: gift - present as Santa - St. Nicholas The pairs on each side of "as" are synonyms.

What is a synonym for merchant?

What is synonym for merchant? What is synonym for merchant?

What is a synonym of a synonym?

A synonym of a synonym is an alternate word for one of the original word's synonyms: A synonym for "abundance" is "plenty." In that sentence the word "abundance" is the original, and "plenty" is the synonym. It follows that a synonym of the synonym is one of the synonyms for the word, "plenty;" for example, "copiousness."

What is a synonym for governance and what is a synonym for corporate governance?

What is the synonym government.

Word in English both antonym and synonym are the same?

Well, the antonym of antonym is synonym, and the antonym of synonym is antonym. Also, the synonym for antonym is opposite, and the synonym for synonym is related. I hope that helps because there really is no other word, they are opposites.

Is real a synonym for quaint?

is real a synonym for quaintis real a synonym for quaint

Synonym for definite and clear?

unmistakable, synonym for definite transparent, synonym for clear

What is the synonym for group and individual?

synonym for group is individual and synonym for individual is group.

Is stretched a synonym?

a synonym to..?

Is sizzling a synonym?

no it is not a synonym

What is the synonym of connectionless?

The synonym of connectionless is 'detachment'.

Is alliteration a synonym?

alliteration is synonym of adumbration

What is a noun for synonym?

"Alternate word" is a noun-phrase that is kind of a synonym for the word "synonym. There is no one exact word that means the same as synonym.

What is the antonym of synonym?

The antonym for synonym is antonym. Antonym is the word that is opposite of synonym.Antonym IS the antonym of synonym

What is a synonym for athletics?

Sports would be a synonym for athletics. Games can be a synonym on a limited basis.

What is the synonym for Fordize?

A synonym for "Fordize" would be "Americanize". A synonym for "Fordize" would be "Americanize".

What is a synonym for peach?

Peach is a noun, there is no synonym for it. Just like there is no synonym for water or computer.

What is a synonym for koenoekoe?

You can think about it like countryside and work from there!

What is a synonym for massage?

A synonym is rubdown.

What is a synonym for Poland?

There is no synonym for a country

What is a synonym for do?

A synonym for this word is work.