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downie, idiot, spastic

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A word for slow beginning with the letter R?

a synonym for slow beginning with the letter r is retard

What is the antonym of synonym of accelerate?

Synonyms of accelerate: forward, speed up, advance, stimulate, quicken, hurry Antonyms of accelerate: decelerate, slow down, retard

How do you write 'retard' in Lithuanian?


When was Gary the Retard born?

Gary the Retard was born in 1952.

How tall is Gary the Retard?

Gary the Retard is 5' 10".

What is the definition of 'retard'?

"Retard" is a shortened form of "retarded," and is a very unkind and bullying word for a person with a mental or physical disability.

How did mass production and the assembly line affect economic growth in the US during the 1920s?

u retard u retard u retard

What is butt retard?

A butt retard is a kid called SAADI and saadi is a homo

When was Wendy the Retard born?

Wendy the Retard was born on May 15, 1980.

How do you say retard in french?

The slang retard refers to mental retardation. Mental retardation is translated as "retard mental".A similarly offensive word in French is abruti.

What are some Puritan practices?

The Puritan practices are retard idiot and oh yeah retard.

How do you use the word retard in a sentence?

"Refrigeration can be used to retard the growth of the bacterial culture"

How to catch retard mew on emerald?

you must get the retard mewtwo witch you get from pro.brich After deafet aleatfour

What were the US thoughts about World War 2?

they thought it was a gay retard they thought it was a gay retard

What are Tramal Retard 100mg tablets?

how tramal retard 100 mg works with kidney pain?

Deffintion of a retard?

To retard can mean to delay or slow down. It is an offensive word for a foolish person.

Can you have nose sex?

No you can't.... Retard... Retard yourself - a nose can titillate the clitoris and the entrance to the vagina.

How do you say late in French?

Late = Retard I'm late = Je suis en retard

What is an example of the word retard?

The crew used blankets to retard the fire on the deck.Anti-freeze is specially formulated to melt ice and retard more from forming for some time.Many clothing items contain a chemical which can retard flames to prevent the wearer suffering injuries.

What were castles built for during the middle ages?

im not sure you retardim not a retard ok get that straight

What does desole du retard mean?

"Désolé du retard" means "Sorry for the lateness". It's in french.

How do you apologize for coming late in French?

je m'excuse d'arriver en retard / excusez mon retard

Is halo actually in real life?

You just went full retard! Never go full retard!

Are nails an organ?

No you retard!

Where did the word retard originate from?

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