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Q: What is a synonym for the word concur?
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Make sentences with the word concur?

Concur means to agree. "I concur with the findings of the report."

What is a synonym for validate?

A synonym for valid could be credible or legal.

What is a synonym for go that starts with the letter C?

concur, conduce, connect

What are synonyms of the word 'agree'?

concur Agree, consent, accede, assent, concur

Can you give a sentence with the word concur?

You make a valiant point, and because of that, I concur.

What is a sentence for the word concur?

Scientists concur with the opinion that the Sun is the center of our solar system. Concur is a verb which means to agree.

What is another word for you agree?

"I concur."

What is an antonym of concur?

The opposite of agreeing is disagreeing.

What is a five letter word for concur?


What is an example sentence for concur?

The word 'concur' is a verb, meaning to have the same opinion, to agree; occurring at the same time, to coincide. Example sentences: Her mother would not concur with that action. Oh dear, the date of the graduation and the wedding concur. The council could not concur on a response to the problem. Since we all concur, the company picnic will be scheduled for the last Friday of July. Some concur with the findings, some do not.

How do you spell concur whence?

That is the correct spelling of "concur" but whence is an archaic adverb or conjunction. The modern use of concur is with the prepositions such as in, on, or with. The word "when" might be used in an unrelated context (As for the decision, the judges were expected to concur when they meet later this week).

What is a synonym of a synonym?