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What is a synopsis of the lost hero?

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Percy Jackson is on the run, trying to get away from the two gorgon sisters, Stheno and Euryale , who are chasing him because he killed their other sister Medusa (in The Lightning Thief), who still has not returned from Tartarus. Just like Jason, he has no memory of his past life except his name and a memory of Annabeth, the only other person he remembers so far. Percy escapes them by cutting Euryale in half and making Stheno faint by hitting her with a tray of Cheese 'n' Wieners. Percy then jumps down the hill using the tray as an escape sled

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When is the Lost Hero coming out?

The Lost Hero is already out.

Is grover in the lost hero?

no Percy Jackson is the lost hero.

What is the ISBN of The Lost Hero?

The ISBN of The Lost Hero is 9781423113393.

What is the synopsis of the poem-'The Hero' by Rabindranath Tagore?

"I didn't think I could do it but I did it!"

Does Annabeth die in the Lost Hero?

No, Annabeth does not die in 'The Lost Hero'.

Who is the hero of paradise lost?

in my opinion Adam is the hero of paradise lost..........

What is the sequel to The Lost Hero?

The sequel to The Lost Hero is The Son of Neptune.

How many pages is the lost hero?

There are 557 pages in the Lost Hero.

Where was The Lost Hero published?

The Lost Hero was published in New York

Who is the protagonist in The Lost Hero?

The protagonist in The Lost Hero is Jason Grace.

Who is the author for the Lost Hero?

The Lost Hero was written by Rick Riordan.

What is a code for the Lost Hero?

The code for The Lost Hero sneak peek is 'new hero' (remove spaces).

Do Percy and annabeth get married in the lost hero?

No, Percy is missing in the Lost Hero.

Who wrote 'The Lost Hero'?

Rick Riordan wrote 'The Lost Hero.'

When was The Lost Hero created?

The Lost Hero was created on 2010-10-12.

Who is hero of paradise lost actually?

who is hero of paradise lost poem actually

Does Percy die in The Lost Hero?

Percy did not die in 'The Lost Hero', but he is missing.

What is after The Lost Hero?

After "The Lost Hero" comes "The Son of Neptune." It has already been released.

What is the book called after the lost hero?

The book after the Lost Hero is called The Son of Neptune

When is the Lost Hero going to be released?

Lost Hero is coming out in october 12th 2010

Are Percy and Annabeth dating in the Lost Hero?

Yes, Annabeth and Percy are dating in the Lost Hero.

What is the summary of the lost hero?

Check the related links to see the plot summary of The Lost Hero.

How many pages does The Lost Hero have?

The Lost hero has 56 chapters and 553 pages or around that

What is the genre for the lost hero?

The Lost Hero belongs to fantasy or more specifically low fantasy.

When does Rick Riordan's book The Lost Hero come out?

The Lost Hero will be released on October 12th, 2010.