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Q: What is a term use to describe an ecological community in which moisture and temperature are high?
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What temperature and moisture conditions describe an air mass that originates over the Atlantic Ocean and near the equator?

Warm and humid

How does temperature influence the amount of moisture in the atmosphere?

the higher the temperature, the more moisture.

How does moisture affects temperature?

it is usually that when the temperature increases, so does the moisture in the air....

What are the two characteristics of an air mass you must know in order to identify it?

Moisture and Temperature

What is relative humidity in terms of moisture and temperature?

relative humidity is the amount of moisture that air can hold in a certain temperature

What do bacteria need to thrive?

PH, temperature, food, moisture, and more PH, temperature, food, moisture, and more

What are two variables used to describe an air mass?

There are two main characteristics that define air masses - temperature and moisture content. Generally, the ... The first letter is a lower case letter and is used to symbolize the overall moisture in the air.

What does the forest need?

Forests can grow anywhere there is adequate soil, moisture, a tolerable range of temperature, and the means of dispersal of seeds. There are many types of trees worldwide that exploit specific ecological and geographic factors within these general constraints.

What makes the temperature?

Its the weather and the moisture

How do the needs of a seed differ from the needs of a plant?

A seed needs the right temperature and moisture. A plant needs moisture, the right temperature, and sunlight.

What are conditions for germination?

Moisture,air and temperature

What affects relative humidity?

Moisture and temperature.