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The Shock Front, also known as the Termination Shock is the area of space that surrounds the sun at a distance of approximately 80 to 100 Astronomical Units at which the solar wind slows from supersonic to subsonic speeds. This boundary is contained within the heliosphere.

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Q: What is a termination shock region?
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On December 18, 2004, Voyager 1 passed the termination shock. This is the unofficial date of departure from the Solar System. Whilst the spacecraft still remains under the Sun's influence, at the termination shock particles from the interstellar medium interact with solar particles, signaling that the hypothetical heliopause is not far from this point. It did not discover anything, rather it inferred the existence of the heliosphere.

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Depends - it is uncertain where the boundary is, but one possible answer is the termination shock (heliosphere) after that the heliopause. [See related link]

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