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What is a test tube baby?

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A "test tube baby" is when the parents use IVF (in-vetro fertilization). The parents have tried to reproduce, but they can't, so the doctor takes some eggs from the mother and it is fertilized outside of the womb.
A woman's egg is fertilised outside her body, and is later transplanted into her womb, for the pregnancy to develop as normal.

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Formation of test tube baby?

what are the procudures of the formation of test tube baby?

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Is test tube baby procedure painful?

is test tube baby is procedure is painful?

What is the duration of Brainiac's Test Tube Baby?

The duration of Brainiac's Test Tube Baby is 3600.0 seconds.

When the baby is kept in a test tube?

The term "test tube baby" does not refer to a baby that is kept in a test tube - babies are much too large to fit into test tubes, even aside from the fact that there is no reason to put a baby into a test tube. The term refers to the origin of the baby. If a zygote is produced by in vitro fertilization (rather than by sexual intercourse) then if that zygote is implanted in a womb and grows to become a baby, it qualifies as a test tube baby.

Is test tube baby immoral?

It is subjective as to whether a test tube baby is immoral or not. Some religions feel that it is.

Where can you get the test tube baby facility in Delhi NCR and on what cost?

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What is a cost of test tube baby in Pakistani rupees?

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Is there any harmful effect of test tube babies?

No, a test tube baby is like any other baby.

When did Brainiac's Test Tube Baby end?

Brainiac's Test Tube Baby ended on 2007-01-08.

When was Brainiac's Test Tube Baby created?

Brainiac's Test Tube Baby was created on 2006-08-03.

Where was the first test tube baby?

The first "test tube baby" born was Louise Brown in Greater Manchester, England.

What is cost of test tube baby?

As it doctors and hospitals are costly today, the test tube baby is a very costly indeed.

In what year was the first test tube baby born?

The first test tube baby was born on July 25 1978. Louise Brown, who was conceived using in vitro fertilization is the world's first test tube baby.

What can you conclude about test tube baby?

A test tube baby is a surprize gift of Medical Science & God also, but not just a product.

Who discovered 1st test tube baby?

first test tube baby,"Louise Brown" and discovered by "Yescina Tirado- Pena"

What actors and actresses appeared in Test Tube Baby - 1991?

The cast of Test Tube Baby - 1991 includes: Geetanjali

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What is the first test tube baby in kerala?

baby harsha

History of test tube babies?

The history of the test tube babies is that the first successful test tube baby was in 1978. This happened in Great Britain.

Birth date of test tube baby kum harsha?

Kum Harsha is not the first test tube baby. She was born on August 6, 1986. India's first test tube baby is Kanu Priya,born on Oct 3rd,1978.

Does a test tube baby have a shorter life span then regular babies?

No. A test tube baby is not a lower quality kind of baby. It's just that the sperm and egg have met in a tube before implanted into the mother.

What is the name of the first test tube baby?

Louise Joy Brown was the first successful test-tube baby and was born on July 25, 1978.

Where was the first test-tube baby born?

the first test tube baby was born in Manchestar in England it was born on 25th July 1978

What does test tube baby imply?

an embryo created by IVF ('in a test tube'), outside of the body, and then implanted in the uterus