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What is a the prefix of the troposphere and suffix?

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The troposphere is the lowest portion of Earth's atmosphere. It

is the densest layer of the atmosphere and contains approximately

75% of the mass of the atmosphere and almost all the water vapor

and aerosols.

The troposphere extends from the Earth's surface up to the

tropopause, where the stratosphere begins. The depth of the

troposphere is greatest in the tropical regions (up to 20 km) and

smallest at the poles (about 7 km in summer, indistinct in winter).

The lower part, where friction on the Earth's surface influences

with air flow, is the planetary boundary layer which may be up to 2

km high depending on the landform and time of day. The border of

the troposphere and stratosphere, the tropopause, is an temperature


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The word troposphere stems from the Greek "tropos" for "turning"

or "mixing." The troposphere is the most turbulent part of the

atmosphere and is the part of the atmosphere in which most weather

phenomena are seen.

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