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What is a thumbnail?

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A thumbnail is a smaller sized version of an image, allowing users to preview several images in a single screen; a sort of sampler.

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Small version of a larger graphic?


What is the thumbnail sketch in Microsoft word?

on of thumbnail in MS word

Is A Thumbnail Picture Clickable?

It may be, depending on the software being used to view the thumbnail. A thumbnail in and of itself is not clickable, as it is merely a collection of bytes that form an image on the screen. However, the picture of the thumbnail may be clickable depending on the software used to view the thumbnail.

What do you feed a frog the size of a thumbnail?

For a frog the size of a thumbnail, you can feed it on tiny insects such as crickets.

How to create thumbnail images using HTML and css?

Thumbnail images can be made using HTML and CSS. HTML will import the image and CSS would give the thumbnail style.

How do you add Thumbnail pictures to journal entries on Deviant art?

You have to have a subscription - a paid for account , and on the image that you want there should be a URL and Thumbnail , use the ThumbNail code and copy and paste it into your journal

What rhymes with resale?


How long is a thumbnail?

in millimeters

What is the short definition of the thumbnail?

You want a thumbnail definition? It's the piece of hard tissue that grows out of the end of your thumb.

What is a thumbnail in relation to computers?

A thumbnail is a smaller or scaled-down version of an image. When you search Google images, for example, you will see thumbnail version of the image, rather than trying to load the full image on the page.

What unit of measurement would be used to measure the length of a thumbnail?

To measure a thumbnail the best unit of measurement would be inches or centimeters. A standard rules in the United States has both measurements on it, and the thumbnail can easily be measured.

Which function is use to create thumbnail image?

The function of creating a thumbnail image is that it help you to easily locate a given file.

What is the longest thumbnail ever recorded?

According to Ripley's Believe it or not, the longest thumbnail ever recorded is a man's thumbnail, measured at 55 inches long. I do not have a citation, photo, or date on this as my tv doesn't tell me when episodes aired.

What is a animal smaller then a thumbnail?

an ant

If talking about the small images on screen and not your thumb how do you say 'thumbnail' in French?

Thumbnails are called 'des miniatures' in French

How do you change a thumbnail picture on YouTube?

Thumbnail pictures on YouTube can be changed by visiting a specific video's "edit" page. You can do this by visiting the Video Manager page and selecting the "edit" button. From there, you should be able to find the edit thumbnail section for the video.

What do thumbnail crabs eat?

thumbnails of course

What is the small version of an image called?

A thumbnail.

What is a small version of a larger graphic?


What is the miniature representation of a window or a file?


What do you call AN expandable internet image?


What are the release dates for Thumbnail Sketches - 1977?

Thumbnail Sketches - 1977 was released on: USA: October 1977 (New York Film Festival)

What is an isometric thumbnail sketch?

An isometric thumbnail sketch is a drawing based on the isometric axis. It is commonly used in engineering. It is also known as a two-point sketch.

What is the definition of 'Thumbnail' Drawing?

Figuratively speaking, a thumbnail means small or short. So, a thumbnail drawing is very small. They are generally between one and two inches square.Artists use them to jot down impressions or ideas that come to mind.If you don't have much time to practice, this is a fantastic way to learn to draw. One small square takes no time to complete.

How do you get a thumbnail to come up with your website link in a Google search listing?

Up until now Google doesn't offer thumbnail images next to search results. They were experimenting with it at some point but not now. Other search sites do offer a thumbnail image which they automatically create.