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What is a tier one university?

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There is no single ranking of universities, but the label "Tier I" is often applied in the context of research universities. The Center for Measuring University Performance produces an annual ranking of research universities (institutions with at least $20 million in federal research expenditures) measured across nine factors. The results are grouped according to universities ranking in the top 25 nationally on at least one factor, and then those ranking 26-50 on at least one factor. The top category (including 51 schools in 2007) are often collectively referred to as "Tier 1" research universities.

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What is a third tier university?

A third tier university is a university that is grouped in ranking with other universities that rank similarly within the third tier out of four tiers, tier one being the most prestigious and the fourth... Well....

What is national university tier 2 ranking?

University of Nevada- Las Vegas is a tier 2 university.

What is the national university ranking for hofstra university?

139 It is now a tier 1 University.

Purdue is public or private university?

Purdue is a public, Tier 3 university.

What are the Top Schools in South Korea?

There are only 4 top class colleges in Korea. Seoul University (The Only Top College) Yonsei University Koryo University Sogang University. 2nd Tier: about 10 schools 3rd Tier: about 30 schools 4th Tier: equivalent to 4 year community colleges. Hope that helps.

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A tier 2 organisation is a company that generates a revenue of one hundred million - one billion... Anything above one billion is classed as tier 1. A tier 2 organisation also has between 4000 and 1000 employees.

A list of top tier universities in UK?

Oxbridge St. Andrews University UCL University LSE University Imperial University Exeter University Bristol University Bath University Edinburgh University

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Is Oakland University a good school?

Ranking Profile: - Oakland University is listed among Tier 2 National Universities (US News 2012)

University of Michigan medical school GPA?

3.7 is the average undergraduate GPA for accepted applicants. This can be expected of top tier schools, which in turn provide you with a top tier education and job possibilities.

Chennai is tier 1 or tier 2?

Chennai is tier 1 but Madras is tier 2

What is university of Idahos ranking?

It is ranked in the "3rd Tier" of National Universities by U.S. World and News Report

How do you drive tier one cars on all tier levels in need for speed under cover?

Buy your own car!

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Traditional FICO credit tiers are summarized as follows:* 720 and above is considered Excellent Credit (Tier ONE)* 680 to 719 is considered Very Good (Tier TWO)>>>>>> 620 to 679 is considered Good or OK (Tier THREE) * 580 to 619 is considered Bad (Tier FOUR)* Below 580 is considered SubPrime (Tier FIVE)

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Go to the alternate you want to add to the second tier and click add to bad spelling tier. The second tier will appear when you tell it to go there. If you are a Supervisor, click the alternate, or alternates, you want to move and click the orange button at the top saying 'move to bad spelling tier'.

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Special Operations Forces Tier System:Tier One: ST6, Delta, SASTier Two: Seals, BeretsThe big difference being Tier one are "black" ops. Tier two are "grey" ops.--The tier system refers to SOF capabilities and can also be applied to special forces counterparts in any nation who may or may not have the same skill set/skill level, but who do occupy the same niche.

What is the difference between Tier I and Tier II Bonds?

Tier I and Tier II bonds are basically the same. Tier I bonds are a banks receipts and stocks. Tier II is limited to only 100 percent of the total amount of Tier I. The Tier II bonds can include other assets besides bank receipts and shares of stock, but cannot exceed Tier I totals.

Is TV personality Erica Rose in law school at University of Texas in Austin?

No, Erica Rose is in law school at University of Houston, also a first tier law school.