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Q: What is a tool used to hold two objects together?
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What science tool is used to pick up and hold objects and is similar to tongs and tweezers?


How are magnets used to make objects?

just by attaching the magnets to the the weakest part of the object to hold together the whole thing

What is a clasp mean?

The word 'clasp' means a a hook or buckle, such as one that is used to hold two or more objects together.

What is the used of driver?

A screw driver is more high-tech than a regular nail driver or hammer. A screw is a more holding tool than a nail. It has metal ridges around it to hold it in place. A screwdriver is used for putting a screw in an area to fastening to objects and/or parts together

What is a science tool used to see smaller objects?


What tool is used to find volume of regular objects?


What tool is used to move objects from one domain to another?

Active Directory Migration Tool (ADMT)

What is a tool used to produce magnified images of distance objects?

a telescope

What lab tool is used to observe objects that are far away?

heey there

What is a small tool used to observe small objects?

Magnifying glass

What are cleaning tool?

The tools used to clean the objects is called cleaning tool. The cleanliness of any object is depend on the quality of cleaning tool.

Tool used to make distant objects appear closer and clearer?