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In economics, a transfer payment (or government transfer or simply transfer) is a redistribution of income in the market system. These payments are considered to be nonexhaustive because they do not directly absorb resources or create output. Examples of certain transfer payments include welfare (financial aid), social security, and government subsidies for certain businesses (firms).
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How do you get your name taken off of a loan you co-signed for without having to pay the transfer of ownership payment that the borrower does not want to pay?

When you co-sign that is YOUR LOAN! I am sure your banking institution made you aware of this. When one chooses to co-sign it's because the person they co-signed for cannot get a loan for one reason or the other. In over 90% of the cases the person you co-signed for does not pay off the loan.. I su ( Full Answer )

Will you have two payments such as a mortgage payment and a equity payment?

not sure of the exact question - but i will go with what i think you are asking. "if you get a mortgatge will there be 2 separate payments involved?" NO. A mortgatge is a loan that is paid back over regular increments of time, usually monthly. The payment is "applied" (by the loan company) to princi ( Full Answer )

Can a person avoid any mark on their credit report if a lender accepts a deed to transfer property and walk away where the mortgage has been previously discharged but the person is current on payments?

Answer . If payments have been made on time and there is no notice of foreclosure or repossession, the credit report should note the loan is paid in full. Verify what the bank will report. Keep documentation about the transaction with the bank in your records and make sure that all three credi ( Full Answer )

What is mean by Retail transfer E-Payment?

Answer . Contact the Pay Day Loan company and request that it be stopped. Get something in writing.. If that doesn't work, report your checkbook as lost/stolen. Your account will be frozen until the bank changes your account number.

What is a goodwill payment?

A payment made that is someone or a company is not obliged or legally required to do so. It is usually done to retain the business of a specific customer.

I took a line of credit out 10000 for my sister who is in debt and she is now paying me the minimum payment per month to pay the debt is there any way to transfer the debt to her?

There really are only 2 ways to transfer this debt to her, and both may be unlikely if she has a poor credit rating: . Ask the lender to add her name and remove your name: This rarely occurs, since it absolves you of all liability of repaying the debt. A lender will want to retain the account hol ( Full Answer )

You are a green card holder living in the US your parents are transferring 100000 to you to be used as part of a down payment on a home do you have to pay tax on this amount?

No, I really don't think so. I'm not sure how it would be different than appearing to be your funds being used. If you went there and they gave it to you, and you used it here...even if you had them send it to you as they help with your affairs from there, it wouldn't be taxable income to you. ( Full Answer )

You want to sign the title of your financed car over to your brother but how does the transferring of payments work?

Firstly, you cannot 'sign the title' over to anyone if you do not own the car free and clear. The lending institution has the original ownership title and you must have their permission to sell, as you are not the legal owner. . As is usually the case in matters like this, the lending agency may r ( Full Answer )

What are instruments of payments?

There are so many different types instruments of payments. The mostcommon ones cheques, wire transfers, credit cards and so manyothers.

What is a Telegraphic Transfer payment?

Telegraphic transfers are bank to bank transfers, which are normally done through Internet Banking and you dont need to physically go to the bank to make the transactions.. This cuts down time, money and resources if you make international payments very often.

What is RTGS payment?

What is RTGS? RTGS stands for Real Time Gross Settlement. RTGS is the fastest money transferring mechanism between the banks. In RTGS, the transactions are processed and settled in "Real time" and on "Gross" bases. Once the transaction is settled, it is irreversible. "Real time" means as and wh ( Full Answer )

What is payment?

if you had a job or done work around the house you would receive payment. when you work it is rather called wages but it means the same thing.

How do you get payment?

Get payments where and whatfor? If you want to get payments as a private person they can just wire transfer the money, if you want to sell something on the internet you can either do the same or look around for other payment options (like credit card - very common, paysafecard - very safe and also ( Full Answer )

Do a payment?

Doing a payment is to express completing a payment. payment is done means it has been completed.

I do not have a credit card for making payments is there any other way to transfer money electronically?

I doubt you'll find anything for free, but an alternative to a credit card would be a prepaid debit/credit card, or Western Union. If you open a checking account at a bank, some offer free checking with a debit card that can be used as a credit card for electronic transfers. Some also offer wire tra ( Full Answer )

What is effective transfer payment?

In rural areas where no banking facilitiesare available Person-to-Person SMS Payments is a good option torely on. The recipient is sent an SMS code which they can use at anATM to withdraw money from any of the bank's ATMs/ branch. Here wehave a link that explains it well.(http://www.cr2.com/solution ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between transfer payments and government spending on goods and services?

Government spending on goods and services is like individual spending or corporate spending for goods delivered and services received. Transfer payments are made by governments to individuals or corporations without expectation of receiving either a physical product or a service in return. Exam ( Full Answer )

What is the payment for purgatory?

the payment is a life of hell until your sins are replenished and you are pure, nobody is pure to begin anyway

What are the instructions of payment?

Simply put, it is a letter or piece of paper telling an agent to carry out certain instructions. Examples are: 1.The issuing of a check (Cheque to some) 2.Making a cash deposit at a bank 3.Signing a credit card receipt 4.A signed letter to your agent that states a request to carry out a s ( Full Answer )

Will be transfer or will be transferred?

"Will be transferred"; a passive voice verb form always requires the past participle of the prinicpal verb, and the past participle of "transfer" is "transferred".

Why the payment stop?

Payments are coming off of our credit card for a timeshare we thought we bought and did not get at all.What they sold us is useless in their own words.We can not keep paying for something we don't have.

What is a transfer?

A transfer is the act of taking something from one place toanother, or an instance of taking something from once place toanother.

What is payment vouche?

A payment voucher is a bond which is worth a certain monetary value and which may be spent only for specific reasons or on specific goods

Does a quitclaim deed transfer mortgage payments to the Grantee?

Absolutely not. The property remains subject to the mortgage and the person who signed the mortgage remains responsible for paying the loan. You should review the documents you signed when you granted the mortgage. The lender usually includes a clause stating that in the event of any transfer of i ( Full Answer )

Do you say do a payment or make a payment?

The correct way to is to say "make a payment." Your action isn'tdoing anything besides actually making said payment, so "doing apayment" would be incorrect. To use it correctly in a sentence, anexample of this would be "I need to hurry up a make a paymentbefore my landlord takes my apartment away fr ( Full Answer )

How do you transfer child support payments directly to your child and at what age does child support stop?

You cannot pay child support directly to your children. It usually stops at 18 but differs slightly between states and can be prolonged if the child is in college. You need to check your particular child support order, separation agreement and state law. Child support is paid to the custodial parent ( Full Answer )

How do ACH transfer payments work?

ACH stands for Automated Clearing House, It is a network of computers linked between banks and financial institutions,. An ACH payment transpires when one entity such as a retailer, known as the "originator" makes an electronic request to a financial institution (the "receiver") for a transfer of ( Full Answer )

Can you transfer a car title a month after you buy it and made first payment to bank?

No, because at that point you don't actually have thetitle, the bank does. The bank really doesn't care who drives"their" car, as long as the person who signed the loan keeps makingthe payments. If you want someone else to officially take responsibility for thepayments, then you're going to need ( Full Answer )

What paper work do you do when a person wants to have another person take over payments on her house and transfer the title until its paid for?

You will need to make contact with the mortgage holder (people thatloaned money to buy the house) and get their approval. Until theloan is paid off, the mortgage agreement is between the homeownerand the mortgage holder. That agreement cannot be changed withouttheir approval, or a court order (such ( Full Answer )