What is a traveling nurse?

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This is a nurse, usually a RN, who travels outside of the area that they live in to work at hospitals. These nurses make good money and benefits! They are usually provided a place to live.

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Q: What is a traveling nurse?
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Related questions

Can an LPN be a traveling nurse?

yes. no

What program allows you to travel to a foreign country?

You can be a traveling nurse or a traveling teacher.

Who makes more money athletic trainer or traveling nurse?

definitely nurse!

Can nurse anesthetist be traveling nurses?

Yes there are travel nursing jobs for nurse anesthetists.

Which companies offer a nurse that will assist during travel?

There are several companies that will provide a traveling nurse. One can hire a traveling nurse at the Cross County TravCorps website or the Voyage Healthcare site.

Who is the best traveling nurse company?

There are many worthy traveling nurse companies. Some of these are Medical Solutions, Travel Nurse Across America, Medical Staffing Solutions and Flexcare Medical Staffing.

What are the qualifications for traveling nurse?

attend medical school

How much does a traveling nurse make yearly?

$60,0000 a year

What careers pay 29 dollars an hour?

Traveling nurse

Is there a profession where I can travel and be a nurse?

Yes, you can be a nurse for the military in which you will travel if you are deployed. You can also work for several organizations such as Red Cross International, and the Peace Corps. You can also get a specific position as a travel nurse. There are many companies that hire traveling nurses. You can do a Google search for traveling nurses or check out job websites like and you will find thousands of opportunities for traveling nurses.

What fields can you go as a RN?

Utilization Reveiw Nurse, school or church nurse, industrial nurse, fire department, home health, many companies are hiring RN's and traveling nurses are the greatest

How much money does a traveling nurse earn?

TRAVELING NURSE PAYI HAVE BEEN A NURSE FOR OVER 6 YEARS, AND HAVE BEEN TRAVELING FOR ABOUT 3. AN AVERAGE TRAVELING NURSE MAKES AROUND $35-$45/HOURLY... DEPENDING ON THE AREA OF TRAVEL. "HOT SPOTS" TO TRAVEL --CALIFORNIA, WISCONSIN, AND TEXAS. THE BEST MONEY IS MADE THERE... It depends on your location, specialty and location, but travel nurses can typically make between $30-$40 an hour. Some companies also allow you to take advantage of a Per Diem allowance which can also increase your pay.

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