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What is a traveling nurse?

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This is a nurse, usually a RN, who travels outside of the area that they live in to work at hospitals. These nurses make good money and benefits! They are usually provided a place to live.

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Can an LPN be a traveling nurse?

yes. no

What program allows you to travel to a foreign country?

You can be a traveling nurse or a traveling teacher.

Who makes more money athletic trainer or traveling nurse?

definitely nurse!

Who is the best traveling nurse company?

There are many worthy traveling nurse companies. Some of these are Medical Solutions, Travel Nurse Across America, Medical Staffing Solutions and Flexcare Medical Staffing.

Can nurse anesthetist be traveling nurses?

Yes there are travel nursing jobs for nurse anesthetists.

What are the qualifications for traveling nurse?

attend medical school

How much does a traveling nurse make yearly?

$60,0000 a year

What careers pay 29 dollars an hour?

Traveling nurse

How much money does a traveling nurse earn?

TRAVELING NURSE PAYI HAVE BEEN A NURSE FOR OVER 6 YEARS, AND HAVE BEEN TRAVELING FOR ABOUT 3. AN AVERAGE TRAVELING NURSE MAKES AROUND $35-$45/HOURLY... DEPENDING ON THE AREA OF TRAVEL. "HOT SPOTS" TO TRAVEL --CALIFORNIA, WISCONSIN, AND TEXAS. THE BEST MONEY IS MADE THERE... It depends on your location, specialty and location, but travel nurses can typically make between $30-$40 an hour. Some companies also allow you to take advantage of a Per Diem allowance which can also increase your pay.

What fields can you go as a RN?

Utilization Reveiw Nurse, school or church nurse, industrial nurse, fire department, home health, many companies are hiring RN's and traveling nurses are the greatest

How long you have attend school to be traveling nurse?

Becoming a traveling nurse requires no more schooling than becoming a permanent nurse. Nurses can become a registered nurse with a 2 year associate's degree or they can choose to get a bachelors degree in 4 years. Either degrees qualifies them to become an RN, however a BSN will give them better opportunities for career advancement and will allow them to pursue a a MSN in the future.

Where can I find a blog about life as a travel nurse?

You can look at facebook or myspace. You can also try a nurses website and they will show you differrent peoples stories on being a traveling nurse.

What are some employment opportunities for a nurse?

If you are already a nurse, it is said that you can have a job anywhere as that career. you can be a traveling nurse, which brings in a lot of money. if you are interested in doing that one in particular, you should probably not start a family unti you feel the need to quit.

What is the advantages of having a nurse when traveling?

Because she could get sick as well walking up and down on a coach or bus.

How much you make being a traveling nurse?

it makes quit alot but then you have to take away the cost of travlling and food.

Where can you travel as a traveling nurse?

No restrictions. You can travel any of the 50 states as long as you apply for license in whatever state you will be practicing.

How can you advance in traveling nurse?

Adavancing in your traveling nurse career really is not an option in the traditional sense of moving up the corporate ladder. But you can expand your skills and work in more challenging settings. The best way to do that is to clearly define the goals you want to achieve in your career and choose assignments that help you achieve those goals.

Where can someone find information about the traveling nursing service of New York City?

One can find information about the traveling nursing service of NYC by visiting the NursesRX website. This website gives good information and also has a section where one can apply for a job as a traveling nurse.

What does a traveling nurse do?

A traveling nurse typically works 13 week assignments across the country in areas where there is a nursing shortage. There is a nationwide nursing shortage that is expected to grow to 800,000 within ten years. For nurses this means that their services are growing in demand. The travel nurses are used as one method by hospitals to combat this shortage.

Do you have to be an RN to be a traveling nurse?

Most of the time, yes. However, there are also opportunities for LPNs, but just not as many. Source:

Hom much does a traveling nurse make?

It depends on your specialty, experience and the location of the assignment, and how many assignments you work, but traveling nurses can make anywhere from $50,000-$100,000 a year. Here are some good links:

Travel Nursing Jobs Provide Lucrative Income Possibilities?

If a person has considered a job as a traveling nurse, there are many benefits to this type of job to consider. A traveling nurse can be an LPN, an RN, or a Nurse Practitioner. An LPN degree can be obtained through a university or nursing school in generally a year and a half if the student attends classes full time. An RN degree typically takes up to three years of solid school work and clinical, and a Nurse Practitioner degree is an additional one to two years of formal education. Each of these occupations provide opportunities to people to obtain employment as a traveling nurse. Traveling nurses are often needed to travel to schools, hospitals, medical clinics, birthing centers, pediatric wards, hospice care centers, and to private homes. In addition to this, many home health care companies will hire traveling nurses and send them on jobs for three to six months at a time. The nurse will have the opportunity to travel around the country and tend to people while being paid an exceptional salary. RN traveling nurses make an average salary range of $60,000 - $ 85,000 per year, depending upon their location, nursing specialty, where they graduated from nursing school, and work experience. Individuals who are interested in finding employment as a traveling nurse can attend a college or university to gain the appropriate degree or they can begin working as a nurse's aide in a hospital. Hospitals will often reward employees by providing for a portion of their continued education expenses. In exchange for the company paying for the continued education, the nurse must agree to remain employed for a specific amount of time for the company. During this time, opportunities to work as a local traveling nurse may arise within the company and the nurse can take advantage of these opportunities. Traveling nurses who study specialty areas such as neonatal, pediatrics, oncology nursing, and clinical nursing will discover they have an opportunity to increase their salary potential. Many people enjoy working as traveling nurses because the job is constantly changing and provides new challenges on a daily basis.

What are the work expectations for a career as a traveling nurse, and how much money does the typical traveling nurse in Pennsylvania make in a year?

Travel nursing is the job in which nurses travel to work temporary short-term nursing positions. Several years of medical school is required to enter this career. Travelling nurses make roughly $50k-$120k in Pennsylvania

How much money does a traveling registered nurse make in an average year?

It depends on your specialty, experience, location of the assignment, and how many assignments worked, but traveling nurses can make anywhere from $50,000-$100,000 a year. Here are some good links:

How does a stethoscope transmit sound?

When a doctor or nurse places a stethoscope diaphragm on a patient's chest, sound waves traveling through the patient's body cause the flat surface of the diaphragm to vibrate.When a doctor or nurse places a stethoscope diaphragm on a patient's chest, sound waves traveling through the patient's body cause the flat surface of the diaphragm to vibrate.