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The turtle that has black spots under the shell is a red-eared slider turtle. It is so named because of the red dash that appears around their ears.

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How do you tell a male turtle from a female turtle?

Boy: Longer Claws and the little spots on the bottom of their shell has less spots and more space,Oval shell,bottom of shell kinda caves in the center, Girl:rounder shell than the boy,bottom of shell is smooth and flat,more spots at the bottom of her shell than the boy

If a turtle has a black shell with yellow spots what kind is it?

A spotted turtle.

What kind of turtle is black with yellow spots?

A spotted turtle, the yellow spots are small and scattered around the shell.

A turtle with yellow spots and red eyes with a black shell is it poisonous?


Is it normal for painted turtles to get brown spots on the bottom of their shell?

This is very bad! Your turtle is on his way to dying): they are not supposed to get brown spots on the bottom of their shell): soryy get a new one and make sure its not painted! they live longer (:

How do you tell if your red eared slider turtle is a boy?

If he has long nails he's a boy . If you look underneath his shell (the bottom part) and the black spots at the bottom of it is close together it is a boy. You cannot tell if your turtle is a boy or a girl until it's 10 cm long.

What kind of insect has a red shell and black with black spots?

what kind of insect that is a beetle with a red shell and tiny black spots?

What type of turtle has a brown shell with yellow spots?

It's most likely to be a box turtle

What is my Turtle he doesn't have hinges on his shell he has dark red eyes and he has orange spots on his legs and yellow stripes on his upper shell?

he might be an eastern box turtle

What kind of turtle has a black body and orange spots?

i thinks its a snapping turtle

How do you know what age your turtle is?

add all the shell spots then times 100

What kind of turtle has green and yellow stripes on it's body with a smooth textured shell and soft yellow belly with black spots?

A yellow-bellied slider

How do you tell if a turtle is old?

They will be bigger with more spots on the shell. Usually you can tell just by looking at it.

Do ladybirds have dots on their head?

No, the Ladybird has a black head without spots, the black spots are all on it's red shell.

What would cause a small black spot to form on the top shell of a baby red eared slider turtle?

Could be normal development of coloration. Some Sliders get black spots on their shell naturally. Could be normal development of coloration. Some Sliders get black spots on their shell naturally. it could just be algae or something like that. Just try scrubbing it with a toothbrush (not one anybody uses) do not use any chemicals

What if your map turtle has green spots on it's shell is that normal?

Yes it is normal. This is algae growing on its shell. Grab a toothbrush and some warm water [not hot as to NOT burn the turtle] and gently scrub the shell, it should come off eventually.

How is the age of a turtle determined?

how many spots on its shell and you have to look it up on Google because this does not answer any thing

Why does your red-eared turtle have white spots?

it usually has this on its shell from fungus.. you need to see a vet if not treated and cured it can be fatal resulting in the death of your turtle.

What are black spots on the bottom of your feet?

Bruises? Dirt?

What leatherback sea turtles look like?

The leatherback sea turtle has quite an unusual appearance compared with other turtles, as the shell is leathery and blackish in color with five distinctive ridges that run along the shell. The black shell and other parts of the body have a bunch of light spots on it.

What is a bug with black shell and white spots?

Certain types of beetles have a black back with white spots. The eyed click beetle is an example of this type of bug.

Do you know what ladybugs look like?

Ladybugs that are females are red with no spots. Boy ladybugs have black spots on their red shell.

What are the colors of British ladybird?

There are about 46 different species of 'British Ladybirds' most have a red shell with black spots and a black underbelly, some have a black shell with red pots and a black underbelly.

Is it normal for your red eared slider to have white spots on it you have 3 turtles and in the last week one of them has got several white spots on it?

no it is means your turtle has shell rot

What kind of spider is black with a white shell with red spikes and black spots?

Spiny Backed Orb Weaver

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