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he might be an eastern Box turtle

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Q: What is my Turtle he doesn't have hinges on his shell he has dark red eyes and he has orange spots on his legs and yellow stripes on his upper shell?
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What turtle has yellow stripes and orange belly?

Painted Turtle.

Your turtle has orange-red stripes on the side of his head what kind of turtle do you have?

A red-eared slider, which is a semi-aquatic turtle.

Are tigers black with orange stripes?

No, they are not. They are orange with black stripes NOT black with orange/yellow stripes.

What color are Garfield's stripes?

His stripes are orange and black.

Can a wasp have orange stripes?

Yes, they can have stripes in shades of orange.

Are tigers black with orange stripes or orange with black stripes?

Most tigers are orange with black stripes and lighter or white areas, especially on the undersides. Albinos (white tigers) are white furred with black stripes.

Do tigers have striped fur usually orange stripes on black?

False they are black stripes and orange.

What two colors are Garfield's stripes?

His stripes are orange and black.

How small a turtle can a turtle get?

the size of a orange

Can you tell me what kind of turtle has Yellow and orange stripes on the head of the turtle and the back is black and smooth texture the belly is orange can you help identify this turtle?

this type of turtle is called a soft back turtle. it is about 3 to 5 inches long including tale and is usually kept as a pet. O.k that other person up there is wrong..This is a red bellied turtle.Or a mix of a red bellied turtle and a red eared slider..So there is the correct answer :D

What coulers can tigers be?

White with black stripes or orange with black stripes.

Your turtle has a reddish orange shell bottom what kind of turtle is it?

It could be a painted turtle most paints have a orange bottom

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