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A tuxedo jacket is used in the spring or fall. It is used in moderate temperatures, and it is not suitable to be used in the summer because it is too hot.

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Q: What is a tuxedo jacket use for?
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What is the difference between a dinner jacket and a tuxedo?

There is none. Dinner jacket is English English for tuxedo! It does imply a black tie and vice versa.

Who invented the tuxedo shirt?

Although a tuxedo shirt is technically a dress shirt, it received its moniker after the advent of the tuxedo. The tuxedo was invented by Pierre Lorillard, who commissioned a tailless jacket for a ball. Although he did not wear it to the ball, several others wore the style, which was christened the "Tuxedo Jacket" after the name of the park in which the ball was held.

When do you wear a tuxedo and when do you wear a dinner jacket?

A tuxedo IS the jacket. If you wear tails, wear a vest underneath, a real tie or cravat ,and cufflinks with French-cuffed shirts.

How do you make the sparkly silver suit jacket?

It the acadamey sweater pink sparkle bow and tuxedo jacket

Webkinz recipe for sparkley suit shirt?

pink sparkly bow, mod jacket, tuxedo jacket That is my best guess .

What button do you leave open on a tuxedo?

The rule of thumb for not only a tuxedo but any men's suit jacket, dress/dinner jacket or sport coat is that you never, ever, ever, button the bottom button. A tuxedo jacket is commonly constructed with two button or a single button and you may also run across a three button tuxedo jacket which is slightly less popular and also, now a days; the double breasted tux is back in style. Now let me explain which button to leave open for each style of jacket: 1. Two button tuxedo jacket: Leave the bottom button open 2. Three button tuxedo jacket: Leave the bottom button open. If you're wearing a vest under your jacket, then you may also leave the top button open but that's not mandatory, just personal preference. 3. Single button tuxedo jacket: Only unbutton your jacket when you're seated otherwise, keep the single button, buttoned at all times. 4. Double Breasted tuxedo jacket: unbutton the bottom button. Now having said that, although it's ill-advised; a double breasted jacket is the only jacket where if you absolutely wish to do so, you can button the bottom button without making it appear as though you're making a big style mistake. In other words; it's not as bad as buttoning the bottom button of a two or three button jacket.

Can one wear a white tuxedo jacket with pinstripe trousers?

Hell Naw

What is the look of a classic tuxedo?

The classic tuxedo looks like a single black breasted jacket, trousers are made from the same fabric as the jacket, a white shirt, a bow tie and a pair of smart looking black shoes.

Do tuxedos have shirts with french cuffs?

The tuxedo is not the shirt, it is the jacket worn over the shirt. However, a shirt with French cuffs does go well with a tuxedo.

Where did tuxedo get its name?

The tuxedo was named after the town (in New York) where it was first worn. Mens formal wear was traditionally a long jacket...but when someone aarrived at the county club with a short coat...the tuxedo was born.

Can you wear a white tuxedo jacket to a New Year's Eve party?

no because its untraditional

What is another name for a dinner jacket?

There is a six (6) letter word for it. It is called a tuxedo.