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What is a twihard?

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A Twihard is an intense fan of the Twilight series. He or she is categorized by their "Team Jacob," "Team Edward," "I LOVE TWILIGHT," and "The Lion and the Lamb" T-Shirts. Twihards own all the books in the series, including the fan books and the guide to the film. All books are covered in contact and every time a dirty mark is spotted, the book is replaced. They own several copies of the Twilight DVD including the single disc "Edward Sleeve" edition, the single disc "Bella Sleeve" edition and the 2-disc-special editon, and the Blu Ray version of the DVD, often without owning a Blu Ray DVD player.

They can be found anywhere, heads always in one of the Twilight books, even if they've already read that book several times before. They are often in a rush to meet someone to talk about Twilight with. They have very little friends, because most friends get sick of the psycho-babble about the Twilight saga.

They can usually quote entire passages from the books and the film without any mistakes.


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What are the release dates for Live Free or Twihard - 2010?

Live Free or Twihard - 2010 was released on: USA: 28 June 2010

What actors and actresses appeared in Live Free or Twihard - 2010?

The cast of Live Free or Twihard - 2010 includes: Virginia Welch as Bella Swan

Is shana the biggest twihard?

yes wat kind of stupid question is that

Who is the twihard gang?

It's people that are extremly obsessed with Twilight saga

What are the ratings and certificates for Supernatural - 2005 Live Free or Twihard 6-5?

Supernatural - 2005 Live Free or Twihard 6-5 is rated/received certificates of: USA:TV-14

Which edward married Wallace Simpson?


Will dean turn into a vampire in in the serial supernatural?

yes he does, in season 6 episode 5 "Live Free or twihard".

Im 10 can you watch twilight eclipse?

Sure Buddy, Im 12 and I have Twilight and New Moon. Imma Twihard !

When is Breaking Dawn trailer out?

The 5th of July 2011 on the MTV Awards Hope this Helps ; please listen to this I am A MEGA twihard!

When will twilight pt2?

Assuming you mean Breaking Dawn Part 2, November 16, 2012 in theaters. ---<3 TWiHard

Rising action of breaking dawn?

Everything from the wedding up until she finds out she's goes into labor and becomes a vampire*i think*. ---<3 Lexi the TWIhard

Where is Robert Pattinson in this moment?

i am very sory that i do not have the answer to this question but that is because if i give you the answer right now when you look at this page later he will not be in the same place twihard team edward rocks stargirl

You are too much of a TwiHard fan what do you do?

well. I dont have an answer to cure that. but you can start watching Harry Potter and end up obsessed with themm! <3 No, jokes. Sorry I dont know, fellow human.

How does Edward feel about Jacob imprinting on his baby?

Edward felt protective and mad at first but that quickly melted away as he came to the conclusion that Renesemee would be protected with all the wolves looking after her. -Thats from a fellow TwiHard. RoCk oN

What are some Christmas list ideas for a 11 year old girl who is a Twihard?

The twilight new moon board gameTwilight soundtrackEdward t-shirtNew moon posterBella/ Jacob/ Edward doll

Did the Robert pattinson Kristen and Taylor enjoy the MTV vma Michael Jackson tribute?

we the fans can not know that for sure because the press wants them to say something that will get their fans pumped up not the truth twihard team edward rocks star girl

What does it mean that edward said he fought with Alice and Emmett Cullen and why?

he probalby did not fight fight them just verbal fight them because if he did their house would have been torn to shreads and knowing Emmett as well as any twihard it would have taken a long time to fix

How many twilight movies have come out after the first one?

New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn Part 1 have come out so far. Breaking Dawn Part two is still yet to come out and is releasing in theaters on November 16, 2012. ---<3Lexi the TWIhard

Codes for mission 7 39 clues magic box?

the first number is 15 (in order from top to bottom) the numbers are 6,5,4 the second number is 34 (in order from to to bottom) the numbers are 4,6,11,13 the last number is 42 (in order from top to bottom) the numbers are 6,8,13,15 39 clues rules twihard team edward

Who is Benjamin in twilight?

In the movie, first know they blended Ben and Eric into Eric Yorkie, and Lauren and Jessica to Jessica Stanley. In the book Ben is Angela's boyfriend and Eric is a very minor character. In Eclipse, he is part of the "good" group of friends Bella has, which includes Ben, Edward, Alice, and Angela. ---<3 Lexi the TWIhard

How did Carsile become a vampire?

He was out searching for a vampire when a monster came out of no where and it bit him. so Carlisle crawled into a potatoe storage and waited for the venom to spread............. this twihard says, "read the book; Edward explains everything in Twilight pages 331-341 if you want the whole story, 331-332 if you just want the transformation. look it up yourself next time."

How do vampires look?

no one knows if vampires even exist or not... even though every Twihard wishes they had their very own sparklepire. The traditional vampire looks somewhat normal, albeit pale and with fangs... you know, except when they turn into bats. There are many different versions of 'vampires' from different countries, so it is difficult to pin one definition and appearance to all vampires.

What is the birthday of Edward Cullen in the movie twilight?

im not sure of the exact date but i think he was born in Chicago in 1901.i think that's what it says in twilight themovie(New Person)The person above me is right about Chicago in 1901. Except it doesn't say in the movie when he is born, but in the book/interviews withStephanieMyers it says Edward Cullen was born on June 20, 1901; Chicago,Illinois.-Abby aka huge twihard

What is the difference between a twilighter and twihard?

A twilighter has the books twilight, new moon, eclipse and breaking dawn and possibly the novella The short second life of Bree Tanner.However a twihard will have the paperback version of each book the hardback version of each book and the special edition of Breaking dawn. Also they will be watching each film at the cinema withing 10 days of its release getting there early to get the best seats. They would rather wet themselves than take a toilet break in the middle of it. They can qote a million qotes out of each book. Their rooms are covered in twilight posters and they send themselves twilight saga postcards whenever they can get their hands on them. At Halloween they ditch the fangs and fake blood and get out the yellow contacts and white face powder. They become so obsessed that they actually believe they are vampires and if they prick themselves they suck the blood. They cover all their food in ketchup and drink cranberry juice pretending it is blood. On a night they dream about hunting with the cullens and fighting werewolves. They watch the werewolves in slow motion and then sketch each stagge of the phase. If they see an animal they are fine but if the human they claim is like Bella is for edward to them then they clutch their throats and stagger around.By Chelsea :)

Which twilight movie is the best one?

me being a twihard, i love the first one the most because it's when the relationship starts and there is so many possibilities that could happen next. it's not a series you can predict very easily if you haven't read or watched it first. i am also very partial to everyone's makeup and hair in this one because it's the closest to the vamparic description in the books. if you really like the movies, i suggest you read the books too. any one who has experienced both forms of twilight will tell you the books are so much better.

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