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A Twihard is an intense fan of the Twilight series. He or she is categorized by their "Team Jacob," "Team Edward," "I LOVE TWILIGHT," and "The Lion and the Lamb" T-Shirts. Twihards own all the books in the series, including the fan books and the guide to the film. All books are covered in contact and every time a dirty mark is spotted, the book is replaced. They own several copies of the Twilight DVD including the single disc "Edward Sleeve" edition, the single disc "Bella Sleeve" edition and the 2-disc-special editon, and the Blu Ray version of the DVD, often without owning a Blu Ray DVD player.

They can be found anywhere, heads always in one of the Twilight books, even if they've already read that book several times before. They are often in a rush to meet someone to talk about Twilight with. They have very little friends, because most friends get sick of the psycho-babble about the Twilight saga.

They can usually quote entire passages from the books and the film without any mistakes.


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Q: What is a twihard?
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