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What is a union and what is its purpose?


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A union is any organization consisting of two or more people. A labor union is an organization consisting of two or more workers. For example, there is a plumber's union, an electrician's union, an auto worker's union and many more. Labor unions serve two purposes. First, they negotiate salaries with the management. And second, they defend a member when he is mistreated by a vindictive boss. By having the union negotiate salaries, each individual does not personally need to ask for a raise. Instead, the union does that. By having the union keep vindictive bosses in line, individuals do not need to fear absolute jerks in managerial positions. (In this regard, the labor unions sometimes do stockholders a favor. Boards sometimes become enamored with a jerk like "chainsaw," who promises to come in and clean out the dead wood. Instead, he destroys the company and all stockholder equity. He walks away from the company with a "golden parachute." When a board knows the union will protect the workers from such an idiot, there is no danger they will hire him to run the company into the ground. The states of the United States joined together in a union. That was a political union. The states joined with each other. One purpose of creating a union was to keep a foreign power from conquering the individual states on at a time because an attack on one meant an attack against all. Another reason was to have a forum to settle squabbles between the states. A union could do that.

A number of countries in Europe have created "The European Union." It began as a free trade zone but has become an area with some laws uniform.

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The purpose of a labor union is to protect workers from being underpaid and overworked.

The main purpose of Customs Union is to extend the trading area for business.

The main purpose of the Women's Christian Temperance Union was the prohibition of alcohol.

The political party formed for the election of 1860 was the Constitutional Union party and their purpose was to preserve the Union.

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The State of the Union is to inform congress of the condition of the US.

The African Union was established with the purpose of working towards strengthening unity between African countries and its people. The organization is headquartered in Ethiopia. There are 53 African countries which are members of the African Union.

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The purpose of the Gettysburg Address was to Honor the Union soldiers and their bravery, in the Civil War.

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The main purpose of this group was the prohibition of alcohol.

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The Albany Plan of Union was a plan to create a unified government for the Thirteen Colonies.

The purpose of the African Union is to promote socio-economic improvements on the continent of Africa. The AU also strives to bring together and unify the various African governments to strengthen the continent as a whole.

The purpose of the Deseret First Credit Union organization is to offer strength and security to its members. The company was founded in 1955 and helps customers get their financial house in order.

The European union is a society in which people come together in order to keep peace and security within their nations. The Union was officially founded in 1935 by 5 countries. Germany, France, Italy, Romania, and Sweden.The sole purpose of the European Union is to create a united Europe.To allow freedom of movement and enterprise mainly.

The full name was Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union. The purpose of the Articles was to provide a general government for the 13 colonies that had won their freedom from British rule and to bring about "perpetual union" of these new states.

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