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What is a urinary track infection?


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a bladder burns when you hurts sometimes can cause Back pain and stomach pain.and sometimes cause you to bleed.


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A urinary tract infection can be dangerous if it goes into a full blown kidney infection.

No, you cannot get the urinary track infection as a result of becoming pregnant.

Urinary Track Infection

hmm lets see I'm pretty sure in ur urinary track considering its a urinary track infection!

Urinary track infection,. kidney infection, dehydrate

urinary track infection

You probably have a urinary track infection or an STD

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The primary symptom of a urinary tract infection (UTI) is pain or burning during urination. In extreme cases, blood may be present in urine.

nope, but youll have UTI or Urinary track infection

Possible urinary track infection

cranberries will clear and prevent a UTI urinary track infection.

Urinary track infection e.g. a bladder infection. You should drink plenty of water to flush out bacteria and take all the prescribed antibiotic.

Yes, any type of infection can cause fever, which is often perceived as the chills.

I also have a Urinary Track Infection and a lot of pregnancy symptoms. I'm wondering if I'm pregnant or if it's just the Urinary Track Infection?

A urinary tract infection is caused by bacteria in the urethra and the urinary bladder. The most common symptom is pain when urinating. It is imperative that one gets an ACCURATE diagnosis, visit a doctor immediately to find the cause of the infection.

You should take it to the vet, your cat probably has a urinary track infection.

your baby dies!!....................... no imm kidding lol =D

A urinary infection is an infection of the urinary tract that leads to the bladder, this can be painful and must be treated by a physician with antibiotics.

It all depends on what you take for it and waht your docter says.

Becolie is a disease commonly found in women. It is a type of Urinary Track Infection (UTI) that can be treated.

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