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a bladder burns when you hurts sometimes can cause Back pain and stomach pain.and sometimes cause you to bleed.

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Q: What is a urinary track infection?
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Is Wiz Khalifa a urinary track infection?

Yes Wiz Khalifa, also known as Wizzy is a urinary track infection

Is urinary track infection a dangerous thing?

A urinary tract infection can be dangerous if it goes into a full blown kidney infection.

Can you get blisters with a urinary track infection?


Is urinary track infection curable?


Can I get a urinary tract infection due to getting pregnant?

No, you cannot get the urinary track infection as a result of becoming pregnant.

What sickness destroys the kidney?

Urinary Track Infection

What is a urinary track infection specialist called?


Where is UTI located?

hmm lets see I'm pretty sure in ur urinary track considering its a urinary track infection!

What diseases are causes by lack of water?

Urinary track infection,. kidney infection, dehydrate

What makes a dog urinate frequently?

urinary track infection

Can gonorrhea be miss taken for a urinary track infection?

No; it is not likely.

Can Norflox TZ be Used for Urinary Track Infection?


Why am i peeing blood and hot?

You probably have a urinary track infection or an STD

Which are the disease in which levobact 500 is used?

urinary track infection, pneumonia,

What is one disease that affects the excretory system?

urinary track infection

Can a bladder infection cause back pain?

A urinary track infection can cause severe back pain.

Can you give your dog ciprofloxacin for a urinary track infection?

If it's made for humans, no.

Can swallowing toothpaste after brushing cause infection or urinary track infections?

it can kill you

Why does your urine smell like pine sol?

Urinary track infection or stones.

What are the symptoms of a urinary track infection?

The primary symptom of a urinary tract infection (UTI) is pain or burning during urination. In extreme cases, blood may be present in urine.

Can a urinary track infection cause chills?

Yes, any type of infection can cause fever, which is often perceived as the chills.

What does it mean when there is a lot of red blood cells in your urine?

You probably have a urinary track infection.

Why does my dog's Urine smells like fish oil?

Possible urinary track infection

What are the health benefits of cranberries?

cranberries will clear and prevent a UTI urinary track infection.

Can you overdose on Big Red soda?

nope, but youll have UTI or Urinary track infection