What is a valid test?

Updated: 12/22/2022
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Q: What is a valid test?
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Is a reliable test necessarily valid?

In my view reliable test is always valid.

Who Questions that test if your gay or straight?

There is no such valid test, so I would definitely question it.

Can an unreliable test be valid?


A test may be reliable but not necessarily validIs it possible for a test to be valid but not reliable?

No, for a test to be valid, it must also be reliable. Reliability refers to the consistency of the test results, while validity refers to the accuracy of the test in measuring what it is supposed to measure. A test cannot be valid if it is not reliable.

Is a HIV test done at 85 day after the intercourse and the result is negative is that result is valid?

Yes, it would be a valid test.

Is there a valid online intelligence test?


What is the difference between a valid test and a reliable test?

Reliable indicates that each time the experiment is conducted, the same results are obtained (accuracy). Valid indicates the experiment (or test) has controlled variables and used an appropriate method/model.

Does online ability test valid?

Yes sure. It is valid. It will shows the how fast you are thinking.

What is an example of a valid test?

LSAT, MCAT, so on

What is an experimental test done more than once?

To ensure that the results are valid. That's the whole point of a science test. The test must be able to be repeated and have the same result to start being considered valid.

Will methanol give a positive result in iodoform test?

Iodoform test is valid only for ethanol.

In terms of validity what can be said about the depression test scores?

they are prob. not valid and the test is not mesured depression