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When a shunt drains to the abdomen

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What is the cpt code for a ventriculoperitoneal shunt?


What is the cpt code for revision of ventriculoperitoneal shunt?


What is the icd 9 code for status post ventriculoperitoneal shunt?


What is the cpt code for insertion of a cerebrospinal fluid ventriculoperitoneal shunt for hydrocephalus?


How is Dandy-Walker syndrome treated?

The primary treatment for DWM and associated hydrocephalus is the placement of a ventriculoperitoneal (VP) shunt

How long does a shunt last?

It depends. Most Ventriculoperitoneal ( VP for short) shunts may be implanted for life for the treatment of hydrocephalus ( excessive cerebral spinal fluid, or CSF, build up in the brain ). The type of shunt and the health problem it is treating will ultimately determine the length of implantation.

What does the medical abbreviation VPS mean?

The meaning of the abbreviation VPS, in the healthcare field, depends on the subject matter. Some examples follow. Valvular Pulmonic Stenosis Ventilation/Perfusion Scan Ventriculoperitoneal Shunt Verbal Pain Scale Visable Pleural Space

What are the differences of Long shunt vs short shunt generator?

In long shunt the shunt field winding is in parallel to both generator and series field. In short shunt the shunt field is in parallel to generator only.

How do you use shunt in a sentence?

The word 'shunt' is both a noun (shunt, shunts) and a verb (shunt, shunts, shunting, shunted).Examples:He had to have a heart shunt put in. (noun)The engineer will shunt the train onto that track instead. (verb)

What is it called when a child has value shunt caused of water in the brain?

The shunt used for a person who has hydrocephalus ("water on the brain") is not called a "value shunt". It is usually called a "ventriculo-peritoneal shunt" or "VP shunt" for short. Sometimes a "ventriculo-atrial shunt" or "VA shunt" is used instead.

What is advantages of Aryton Shunt?

What is advantages of Aryton Shunt??

Is shunt a Medical Term?

Yes, shunt CAN be a medical term.

What does a ventricular shunt relieve?

A ventricular shunt relieves hydrocephalus

Is VP shunt adjustable?

Yes, a VP shunt is adjustable.

Explain current shunt feedback amplifier?

The effect of current shunt feedback in an amplifier is to The effect of current shunt feedback in an amplifier is to

What is the purpose of shunt reactor?

any of had know he purpose of shunt reactor?

What is shunt in electrical engineering?

In electrical engineering, shunt means 'parallel'.

Why is shunt resistance connected in parallel?

Shunt means parallel only..................

What is tube-shunt surgery?

Tube-shunt surgery, or Seton tube shunt glaucoma surgery, is a surgical method to treat glaucoma

Is shunt a bypass resistance?

'Shunt' is an archaic term for 'parallel', so a shunt resistor is connected in parallel with another device. For example, a shunt resistance is used in moving-coil ammeters, so that most of the load current passes through the shunt resistor, rather than the moving coil. So, in this context, yes -a shunt is a bypass resistance.

How is a shunt coil installed?

'Shunt' is an archaic term, meaning 'in parallel with'. So a 'shunt coil' is connected 'in parallel' with... With what, of course, depends upon what sort of device you are talking about. For example the field coil of a d.c. shunt-connected motor has its field winding connected in parallel ('shunt') with the supply.

What are the application of voltage shunt amplifier?

Applications of Voltage shunt feedback amplifier?

What is DC shunt motor?

'Shunt' is an archaic term for 'parallel', so a 'shunt motor' is a motor whose field winding is connected in parallel with its armature winding.

Does the ductus ateriosus serve as a shunt?

Does the ductus ateriosus serve as a shunt in a fetal pig?

What is a ventricular shunt used for?

Ventricular shunt relieves hydrocephalus, a condition in which the ventricles are enlarged.

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