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What is a viability study?

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A Viability study is an in depth investigation of the profitability of the business idea to be converted into a business enterprise. A viability study may contain feasibility-, recommendation- or Evaluation report.

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Differentiate between a Feasibility study and a viability study?

The difference between feasibility study and a viability study is in what they determine. Feasibility study looks at the practicability of the business while viability studies look at how well a business can stand risks and survive.

What is the meaning of socio-economic study in feasibility study?

The meaning of socio-economic study in feasibility study refers to the financial viability of a given business establishment.

What is viability?

The viability of a seed is the chance that an individual seed will germinate. Viability means its chance of success.

How do you test the viability of microbial cultures?

Viability of microbial cultures can be tested by doing "Vital Staining"

How do you use viability in a sentence?

The viability of the new product was tested before we put it into general use.

The ability of the fetus to survive outside the uterus is called?

Viability....which is possible at 20 weeks.

What are the objective of seed viability?

measures the viability of seed using tetrazolium chloride and germination tests.

What is meant by the term viability in the terms of a fetus?

Viability has the same meaning when referring to a fetus or in general use -- it means ability to survive.

What questionnaire is suitable for a restaurant feasibility study?

A questionnaire that is suitable for a restaurant feasibility study is one that will help in making critical decisions. This will look at all the positive and negative issues related to the project. It should give a definite analysis of the viability of the restaurant idea.

What is the comparison between business plan and feasibility study?

Business planning covers a wide area. Here what type of business has to be started, nature and industry of the business are analysed. But in case of feasibility study after selecting a particular business viability of that business are analysed. So business planning is the first step followed by the feasibility study.

What is the medical term for survival?

Life, viability

Why are seeds tested for viability?

To ensure their germination.

What is the difference between feasibility and viability?

Assuming that the question relates to an investment appraisal, feasibility looks mainly at the profitability of the project, and viability looks at the likelihood of survival.

Why is quality important?

Because it ensures the viability of a business. :)

What is the method of testing of viability of seeds?

the tetrazolium test

Which seed has retained viability for thousands of years?


What is the meaning of viability?

capable of normal growth and development.

What are the release dates for Epilogue - 2012 Viability 1-3?

Epilogue - 2012 Viability 1-3 was released on: USA: 15 July 2012

What has the author Christopher Scott Barsley written?

Christopher Scott Barsley has written: 'To assess the viability of the incentive profile marketing infomediary concept through a case study of the failure of Alladvantage from the perspective of strategic stakeholder analysis'

Lewis and Clark demonstrated the viability of?

an overland trail to the Pacific

Critical factor in attaining the age of viability?

Brain function

Increases bone strength and viability by pulling action?


What are the methods of testing the viability of a seed?

ragdoll and seedbox methods

What is sperm viability?

Sperm viability refers to the length of time sperm can survive outside the donor's body. This can be somewhere between 20 minutes to an hour, depending on what type of elements the sperm are exposed to.

What has the author Richard De Zeeuw written?

Richard De Zeeuw has written: 'The comparative viability of seeds, fungi and bacteria when subjected to various chemical agents ..' -- subject(s): Seeds, Viability