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What is a vibration switch?

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it is a switch,current goes through when switch is on and the current doesn't go through when its off

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Why is your light switch humming?

Light switches don't hum but transformers do . If your "light switch" is a dimmer switch or there is some other function than a simple on/off , then you might hear the 60 hz vibration as the mechanics may be loose .

Types of vibration?

mainly two types of Vibration measurement: shaft vibration Bearing Vibration

Describe how vibration cause sound?

Vibration does not cause sound, vibration IS sound. Sound is merely how our brains interpret the vibration that comes into our ears.

What is atomic vibration?

Atomic Vibration calcuates

What is vibration of wave?

Vibration is the frequency of the wave.

Can you make a sentence with the word vibration?

The car made a strange vibration.The vibration worried me.The mechanic diagnosed the vibration as unbalanced tires.

What kind of vibration makes a high pitched sound?

Sound is the vibration of air molecules. The higher the pitch, the faster the vibration. The stronger the vibration, the louder the sound.

How is a sound produced in a bass instrument?

Sounds (all of them) are produced by vibration. The faster the vibration, the higher the pitch. Whether the vibration is produced on a string or with air, it's the speed of the vibration, and the length that vibration has to travel that determines the pitch.

How does a trumpet make a vibration?

You make the vibration with your lips.

Your apache rtr 160 has the vibration how could you stop the vibration?

Use vibration dampening measures like a barsnake.

How does vibration analysis work?

Vibration is defined as a mechanical fluctuation from one point to another point. There are mainly two types of vibration involved in vibration analysis: free vibration and forced vibration. Free vibration occurs when an object is turned on, such as a clothes dryer and a lawnmower, and is left to vibrate on its own. Forced vibration happens when an outside object or occurrence vibrates an object. The lawnmower shakes due to an earthquake would be an example of this. Furthermore, vibration monitoring is also another important part of analysis.

Can you give vibration in a sentence?

The vibration was felt across the city.

What is phantom vibration?

Phantom vibration is when a ghost gets electruceted

How did the vibration started in the universe?

Vibration was never started by anything. Vibration is just caused by shaking of objects, and it wasn't "started".

What is compressional vibration?

Compressional vibration is a term used to describe a vibration that occurs as the result of compression. Compression can be described as when particles are pressed or forced together. Vibration occurs as a result of this pressure.

2ooo Daewoo Leganza brake switch light keep coming loose you fool around with it and get it working but it comes loose again help?

Don't just fool around with it...tighten the fastening screw or if the problem is actually a fault within the switch (intermittent fault) as when it is touched or with road vibration...replace the switch.

How do animals feel vibration?

animals feel vibration peace out homies

How do vibration rates affect pitch?

The faster the vibration, higher the pitch.

What is time period of vibration?

its the time taken for one complete vibration.

Where does the vibration take place in the violin?

The vibration takes place in the body.

What are the two main causes of vibration?

noise and frequency are made a vibration

What is a good sentence with the word vibration?

The vibration was so severe in the front end, I had trouble steering the car. I could only feel the vibration when the car accelerated. Earthquakes cause a distinct vibration of the earth.

What is an auditory vibration?

An auditory vibration (aka acoustic wave or sound vibration) is when the tympanic membrane (eardrum) is hit by sound waves and vibrates. This vibration is picked up, amplified and transmitted through the middle ear by the ossicles. This vibration ends at the oval window since it changes to fluid vibration and ultiimately electrical energy in the inner ear.

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