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A virus is an obligate intracellular parasitic acellular microorganism, consisting of protein coat and nucleic acid DNA or RNA and may be enveloped or not. It is a particle that is not defined as being alive, that goes inside you and attacks your cells, and inserts their DNA into your cell, so that your cell makes more of the virus instead of making more of itself.

If you mean in computers, its when malicious code is running in your computer and doing damage. Just like a biological virus, Computer Viruses alter existing code and produce more copies of itself. But it is just computer code and not anything that is alive. If you have this, you should run antivirus software or get help from a computer professional.

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uhm last time I checked cells discrete virus aka soap when toxic... but oky
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a protein-coated molecule consisting of nucleic acid, either DNA or RNA

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awsum, ty

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Viruses are programs which are created deliberately to damage critical information and data

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Q: What is a virus?
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What are four types of computer viruses?

The traditional VirusTrojanWormBugWay virusTrj. Reboot virusTrivial.88.D virusPolyboot.B virusAntiEXE virusRandex virusCMJ VirusMeve virusMrKlunky virusNimda virusSQLSlammer virus

What is the definition of 'virus'?

a virus

That the cold virus is an active virus or a hidden virus?

active virus

Is Ebola a virus or bacteria?

It is a virus. Ebola is a RNA virus.

What are the Example of program virus?

this are sunday virus, cascade virus, professors virus.

Is Ebola Virus a fungus?

No. Ebola is a virus. No virus is a fungus and no fungus is a virus.

What is virus?

A virus is something that infects cells and makes them produce more of the virus.

What is an email virus not a cumputer virus?

An email virus is a virus that is distributed through emails. It is still a computer virus.

Kinds of virus?

There are about nine types of computer viruses. They include the boot sector virus. the browser hijacker, direct action virus, file infector virus, macro virus, Multipartite Virus, Polymorphic Virus, Resident Virus, and Web Scripting Virus.

What is a hidden virus?

a hidden virus is were your virus is hidden so you have a virus but you can't see it. so its called a hidden virus.

What does a cell and a virus have in common?

What a cell and a virus have in common is the RNA or DNA. The virus can be either a RNA virus or a DNA virus.

What is a bobitt virus?

a bobitt virus is a virus

Was the influenza virus a hidden virus?

No it is an active virus.

Is the common cold a bacteria or a virus?

It is caused by the Rhino Virus so it would be a virus.Virus

What is the virus before HIV?

There were plenty of viruses known before hiv. cold virus, flu virus, herpes virus, polio virus, hepatitis virus to name a few.

What kind of computer viruses are there?

Here you go... Browser Hijacker, File Infector, Macro Virus, Polymorphic Virus, Multipartite Virus, Direct Action Virus, Boot Sector Virus, Web Scripting Virus, Memory Resident Virus, FAT Virus.

What are 10 types of computer viruses?

1. Boot Sector Virus2. Program Virus3.Multiple Virus4.Stealth Virus5. Polymorphic Virus6. Marco Virus7.Trojan Horse Virus8. Logic Bomb Virus9.Merry Christmas Virus10. Virus 101

What shape is the measles virus?

the measles virus is a virus that has a shape.

If your computer has a virus?

computer has a virus remove virus on the computer

What kind of virus is the AIDS virus?

its a very bad virus. bad virus is no category . It is retro virus

Which does not refer to the shape of a virus?

A bacillus does not refer to the shape of a virus. The capsid of a virus is what determines the shape of a virus.

How do you spell virus in french?

Un Virus. I have got a virus is translated as 'J'ai eu un virus'

What is a target virus?

A target Virus is a virus that is a Bio-safety level 4 virus. It is the target of vaccines.

Can a cold virus and a flu virus mutate together?

The cold and flu virus cannot mutate together, but the cold virus can turn into a flu virus.

Is there a disease that starts with the letter q?

* Qalyub virus * Quail pea mosaic virus * quailpox virus * Queensland fruitfly virus * Quokkapox virus

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