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its something that you write but it has to be specific example it cant just be she is pretty it has to be like why she is pretty like she has brown eyes and brown and black hair that is what makes her pretty.lol cow thx but can you make a better example thx sky likes other than that.
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What is Vivid Colors?

Answer . Vivid Colours are linked to very bright shades. A Lime green, Fuchsia and school bus yellow all can be examples of vivid colours, often catching ones eye.

What is vivid language?

Vivid language are aimed to bring your ideas alive by painting pictures with words. In order to make readers understand better. 4 kinds of vivid language are: i) factual/sensory details ii) strong verbs iii) exact adjectives iv) figure of speech

What is vivid detail?

Vivid means memorable, intensely deep or bright, producing powerful emotions or images. Vivid detail would be detail that does all of those things.

What is a description?

The meaning of something. A description is when you describe something. a description is when you describe something.

What is description?

The word 'description' is a noun , a word for a spoken orwritten representation or account of someone or something; a wordfor a thing. Conveying in words the appearance or nature of something,describing a scene or an event, a verbal picture

What are vivid verbs?

Answer . A vivid verb is a verb that is really descriptive. A vivid verb would be so descriptive that when it is used in a story that the reader can actually visualize it in their mind.

How many vivid verbs are there?

Vivid verbs are used to make sentences more dramatic and impactful,rather than just detail an action, like a regular verb would do.There are literally hundreds of vivid verbs. Some examples are'ambition', 'defend,' and 'marry.'

Definition of vivid?

vivid- percieved as bright;distinct;brilliant -having a very high degree of saturation: a vivid purple -presented in clear and striking manner. -active in forming lifelike images

What is vivid adjectives?

Vivid adjectives are adjectives that create an image in your mind. Eg. You might describe the sunset as a "brilliant scattering of red and yellow hues glittering over the ocean." This hopefully helps you paint a picture of that sunset in your mind.

What are vivid dreams?

A dream that is very clear, seems almost as if a real event, andwhere the individual can remember the dream in great detail anddon't forget when you awaken. Vivid dreams often awaken you.

What is a vivid verb for heard?

A vivid verb for the word heard is hearing. A vivid verb is a verbwhich is specific and found to be interesting.

How do you use vivid details?

By using the senses. Your goal is to create a detailed mental image in the minds of your readers, so show them what things look like, sound like, feel like, even smell and taste like.

What is a vivid verb for had?

A vivid verb for the word had is possessed. Vivid verbs are verbsthat are very descriptive and specific.

What is a vivid word?

A vivid word is a better word for other word like its a better meaning not a baby meaning for example: good: amazing,fantastic, tasty: mouth watering, scarunsues

What is a vivid adjective?

It is a very descriptive adjective. A vivid adjective is an adjective which conveys intense imagery. Itbrings a picture, sound, smell or sensation to your mind. Forexample, the word shiny is not very vivid, but the word glittery is more vivid.

What are vivid adjectives?

Vivid adjectives are adjectives that are very descriptive. Vividadjectives are able to paint a picture in your mind and make wordscome alive.

What words rhyme with vivid?

clivid is a name of person and u can rhyme it as one day i saw colors that were very vivid which reminded me of my friend clivid who worn very colored shorts and had a hobby of collecting little bots.. yooo....

Do you have a vivid imagination?

If you have a vivid imagination, you might want to become an artistor a writer. Many people with this type of imagination go on toexcellent careers in the arts.

What is vivid vocabulary?

well it's a better word uses to make a more better sentences well that's my best guess i hoped i helped you just to say if anybody sees this and like my guess ,tell them i thank them and have a nice day. :)

What is an example of vivid?

an example of vivid... i find that people usually use vivid to dream. if a dream was very realistic or something, it was vivid. . ie. i had a very vivid dream last night about the knights of the round table.

How do you write an essay about a cricket match in which trouble erupts in the stadium and you witness a riot among the crowd give a vivid description of the scene?

WikiAnswers will not write your essay for you, but we WILL help you learn how to do it yourself! Click on the Related Questions for even more information. . Write sentences the way you speak - just pretend you are telling this to a friend, and write down what you would say. What would you tell them ( Full Answer )

How do you give a vivid description of a personal computer?

To write vivid descriptions you need to use your senses (sight, hearing, touch, etc.). Sit with your computer in front of you. Now close your eyes. What does your laptop or PC feel like? Is it soft, like fur... squishy like jello... comfortable like your favorite slippers? Pick adjectives that des ( Full Answer )

Can you give me a list of vivid adjectives?

I can. • excruciating • insipid • ear-splitting • crimson • savage • generous • self-sacrificing • luxurious • resplendent • dilapidated • crumbling • time-honored • treacherous • vivacious • lo ( Full Answer )

What do you think is the message Homer wants to tell us by giving a vivid description of the bloodshed and carnage of the Trojan War?

Homer wants us to overview about Trojans war to let us know and understand the origin of that war. It would not possibly happen if the two goddesses are willing to accept that they were defeat, and not chosen to be awarded a golden apple. If they accept the reality and their losses, the war between ( Full Answer )

What is vivid descriptive language?

Vivid descriptive language is used when you describe something, generally a scene so well that the reader can create a highly detailed picture in their mind. Generally using a majority of the senses and comparisons.

What does a vivid verb mean?

"say" is not a vivid verb. it's too general. instead, "shout" "scream" "bellow" "cry" etc... contains more additional http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_is_a_vivid_verb&vpass=1# . those verbs are colorful, living, vivid, and exciting, making them "vivid". Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/ ( Full Answer )

What is a vivid purplish pink color?

Fuchsia, named after the fuchsia flowering plant, is one example ofa mix between purple and pink. It's also known as magenta. The HTMLcode for fuchsia is FF00FF.

Is angry a vivid verb?

"Angry" is an adjective. There are degrees of angry that are more vivid: Rabid, Incensed, Hateful, and Vengeful are some examples.

What is a vivid verb for leaving?

Bolt, scram, vapor, book, buzz, zoom, light-out, fly, run, exit-stage-right, take a powder, head out on the lam, make a run for it, trade space, get gone, go catch a fly, groove on

What are the most vivid descriptions in chapter 4 of The Great Gatsby?

During chapter 4 of The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby embellishes hispast to Nick Carraway, he gives unrealistic stories of hisprivileged childhood and courageous adventures. Meyer Wolfshiemplants the idea in Nick CarrawayÃ?s head that Jay GatsbyÃ?sinheritance could have been gained through piracy ( Full Answer )

Is walked a vivid adjective?

No . It is neither vivid nor an adjective; it is the simple past tense form of a descriptive verb. To be an adjective, it has to modify a noun; to be vivid, it has to create a striking picture in the reader's imagination. 'Walked' does neither. An example of a vivid adjective would be 'rushing ( Full Answer )

What are vivid diction examples?

Vivid diction is words used to describe things visually. Example ofvivid diction include words like bold, bright, dark, or large thathelp you get a visual picture of something.

Is furious a vivid verb?

If I were the teacher grading the assignment, I would certainly accept it as a vivid verb.

How can you obtain more vivid dreams?

To obtain more vivid dreams, take vitamin b6 supplements. Not only can it make your dreams vivid and clear, it can also help you remember your dreams easier.

Is the use of vivid description?

A vivid description makes a powerful impact on the emotions andsenses, it is strong, distinct and clearly perceptable

What does it mean when people have vivid dreams?

Vivid dreams have no particular meaning as such. If the dreamer has disturbed sleep, awaking while a dream is in progress can make it seem more vivid than when one awakens after the dream has ended.

When do people experience vivid dreams?

Different individuals experience vivid dreams under many differentcircumstances. For example, various medications can increase one'stendency to have vivid dreams, as can illness and high fever.Anything that wakes up a person while a dream is taking place cancause that dream to be remembered vividly. ( Full Answer )

How are vivid nouns different from non vivid noun?

Vivid nouns (also called exact nouns or specific nouns) are more specific than general (non vivid) nouns. Vivid nouns are used to make the meaning clearer or more interesting. For example: A man called you today. Or, My teacher called you today. Or, A contractor called you today. Or That ( Full Answer )

What are vivid words that create imagery?

Vivid words that create imagery are words that are descriptive. Instead of saying a villain is "bad," say the villain is "malevolent." Replace simple words like 'sad,' 'said,' and 'mad' with more descriptive words that will create an image in the reader's mind. Use a thesaurus to help. ________ ( Full Answer )

What are some examples of vivid description in the hunger games?

When Glimmer dies Katniss describes her as twitching to death. Her swollen fingers stiffen around her bow. Her limbs are three times their regular size, and the stinger lumps are exploding with green puss. Katniss has to break several of what used to be her fingers to free the bow. Pages 191-192

What is offered by the Vivid Imaginations company?

Vivid Imaginations is a toy and game manufacturer from the UK. The company creates the toys and games, often based on movies and television shows, and distributes them.

What kind of videos are on the website Vivid?

The Vivid website is a site that is geared for adult viewing only. This is a website that does not cater to the general public and should not be accessed by anyone under the age of 18.

What is the definition for vivid?

Vivid can mean 3 different things. 1) invoking strong feelings, very clear, esp. of a memory 2) (of a color) brilliant, deep, bright 3) (of a person) lively, vibrant

What is description-?

The official definition for the word description is "a spoken orwritten representation or account of a person, object, or event."

Which description includes the most vivid details about the character?

In order to answer your question, it would be helpful if you wouldgive additional information. Which descriptions are youconsidering? Which characters are involved? What is your definitionof "vivid"? Did you pass the exam? Are you in the middle of takingit? What's your instructor's name and contact ( Full Answer )