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An extinct volcano will not erupt in the future, a dormant volcano may erupt in the future but has not erupted in the last 200 years.


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They can erupt anytime, when magma rises from the mantle and spews out of the volcano.

An active volcano can erupt at anytime.

An active volcano is one that is erupting or is likely to erupt.A dormant volcano is one that has not erupted for a long time (but is still possibly active).An extinct volcano is one that is not likely to erupt again.

An active volcano is one expected to erupt again, while a dormant one is not expected to erupt anytime in the immediate future, and which may become extinct (dead, but not certainly dead).

In that case, the volcano would be referred to as dormant.

An active volcano is one which maintains a hot magma chamber, so that it might erupt anytime in the future. An inactive (extinct or dormant) contains mainly cooled lava and is not likely to erupt unless there is a new supply of hot magma.

An unexpected volcanic volcanoe.

An active volcano is the term used by vulcanologist that means that the volcano can erupt anytime.

A volcano that is unlikely to erupt again, but may erupt someday in the future is called extinct.

An active volcano is one that could erupt anytime,but an inactive volcano means that it's kind of ''asleep''.So it will not erupt.

A volcano which might erupt at some point in the future is called "dormant".

for one, it is a volcano, and they usually erupt when they are over a hot spot.

A volcano is easy it's an active volcano but there are thousands that could erupt tomorrow

No, Extinct = Not likely explode again Dormant = hasnt't erupted for hundreds or thousands of years but may still erupt Active = Recently erupted, and is likely to erupt

a dormant volcano is a bit like a sleeping volcano it hasn't erupted in awhile, but it still can erupt in the future an extinct volcano though can never erupt

a volcano can erupt anytime of the day in many countries. theres a volcano errupting right now

A volcano that has recently erupted and is likely going to erupt again would be called an active volcano. These are very dangerous.

A volcano that has not erupted for a long period of time, but may erupt again in the future is known as a dormant volcano.

A volcano that isn't erupting and won't erupt anytime soon. It is also called a dormant volcano.

It is called a dormant volcano. example: Hawaii

Is it false that a dormant volcano is erupting or may erupt in the near future. The correct answer would be decade volcanoes.

The United States Geological Survey considers Mount Shasta a dormant volcano that will likely erupt in the future and rates it as a very high threat volcano.

Surtsey is an active volcano, it is likely that it will erupt at any time.

An extinct volcano has not had an eruption for at least 10,000 years and is not expected to erupt again in a comparable time scale of the future

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