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What is a water vacuum?

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Vacuum boiling water?

Water will 'boil' spontaneously in a vacuum

Why does water boil in a vacuum?

In a vacuum, there is no atmospheric pressure to keep the water in the liquid state.

What equipment will you need to boil water at 60 degrees?

you will need a vacuum vessel to put the water in a vacuum

Where is the weight of an object maximum in air or Water or Vacuum or hyrogen?


Is light fastest in air or water or a vacuum and Why?

In a vacuum as there is nothing to obstruct it

Can water freeze in a vacuum?


What is boiling point of water at absolute vacuum?

In a vacuum, water has no liquid phase. At any temperature high enough to melt ice, the water will then boil.

What is a vacuum breaker in plumbing?

A vacuum breaker is a device that prevents water in a toilet cistern or water tank, from syphoning back into the toilet cistern or water tank.

Why vacuum is important on fresh water generator?

The purpose of the vacuum in the fresh water generator it can make a 50 degrees Celsius boil the water that's why they create a

Besides the actual substance what other thing affects the boiling point of water?

Vacuum. Water boils at 56%F in a vacuum.

What happens to a vacuum when put in water?

it will suck the water up, depends what type of vacuum, and it could electricuit u !!! (that gd enough)

Can use carpet cleaner vacuum to vacuum swimming pool?

No they couldn't.One thing is that if water is in there it will get stuck. But this could work if there's no water in there

How do you determine the Boiling temperature of water in a vacuum?

Clarification: I am wanting to know how much vacuum I need to pull to get water to boil at 150 degrees.

Which bell do not produced sound wave the bell in the water or the bell in a vacuum?

the bell in a vacuum, in a vacuum there is nothing for the sound wave to move through

Can you suck up water using a wet and dry vacuum cleaner?

Yes, the wet and dry vacuum can be used to pick up water. It is called a wet and dry vacuum because it can be used on either dry debris, or on wet debris and water.

How can there be water on the moon and mars if water boils in a vacuum?

That's a lie!

How does a water aspirator create partial vacuum?


How do you vacuum with one foot of water?

You don't.

What has the lowest water content?

A hard vacuum.

Why Stop boiling water Vacuum Chamber With the continuation of the vacuum pump work And vacuum pressure gauge -30 in hg Thank you?

You want to stop boiling water Vacuum Chamber because of the vessel seal. If the pump is boiling it will stop at the point of equilibrium.

How exactly does a vacuum coffee maker work?

A vacuum coffee maker sucks water using a vacuum tube through a filter with coffee grounds in it, making the water quickly turn into a rich flaavorful coffee.

Will metal rust in vacuum water?

No, metal will not rust in vaccum water because the process of rusting requires the presence of oxygen and water.But in this case only water is present and since this water contains no air(nor does it contain oxygen) rusting will not take place.Water in a vacuum will become a gas. Then the vacuum is not a vacuum unless 0 mmHg is re-obtained. Then, no... no rust because there are no reactants in the latter case.

How do you connect the vacuum and water hose in a 1986 Chevrolet Camaro 5.0 TPI engine?

Your question is to vague to answer. If you connected a vacuum hose to a water hose you would be ingesting water into the engine.

Is it a bad idea to suck up water with a vacuum?

Unless the vacuum is specifically designed for this then is could be dangerous.

What is the conversion of vacuum in inches of water to vacuum in inches of mercury?

32 feet (384 Inches) of Water (H2O), and 29 Inches of Mercury (Hg) both equate to a perfect vacuum. From that, simple division yields 1" of water being equivalent to about 0.0739" of Mercury.