What is a watershed moment?

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A critical turning point.
What it is actually is a moment in time where everything changes. A point in time when nothing after will ever be the same as before. To call it a turning point technically is true, but it is an overly simplistic definition of the phrase.

The figurative meaning comes from the literal meaning of a point, or division in a river, or stream where the river is split into two distinct paths that will not intersect again
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What is a television watershed?

Turning Point . \nThe term Watershed when use in a Sentence like, "That was a watershed moment", means simply a turning point. So a television watershed could mean a point in time when things changed. For instance, the very First Super Bowl broadcast is considered a watershed moment in television (MORE)

What is a watershed?

It's literally a ridge of high land dividing two areas that are drained by different river systems; figuratively, it means a turning point -- a moment in time that involves a decision or event that changes the course of the past and leads someplace else. In river parlance, it generally means the e (MORE)

Why is a watershed called a watershed?

A watershed is called a watershed as it supply the water in a drainage system. A watershed is a defining moment of insight and clarity where healing begins and lives are reclaimed

Importance of watershed?

Watershed is important as it supplies, drinking water and water foragriculture. This also provides habitat for animals and plant.

What is moment?

In physics and engineering, moment is usually defined as the force which causes anything to rotate. Just like force, which causes an object to move in a linear direction. Moment can be treated like the force which causes an object to rotate about a certain defined axis. Unlike force however, an axis (MORE)

How is a watershed formed?

A watershed is formed by creeks. Such as creeks connects to a riverwhich will later on in its stages connet to a ocean or a river. howdo u know this stuff

What is watershed year?

Watershed means a time or event that marks a change of course, a division. It's a turning point. So a watershed year is when something major happened to change the course of things. For example 2001 is a watershed year as things changed drastically when the US was attacked on their own soil fir t (MORE)

What is moments?

A minute portion or point in time. Additionally ... you will encounter moments if you read about levers and mechanical advantage.

Why are watersheds important?

Watersheds provide many of us with our drinking water supply, plus recreational opportunities and aesthetic beauty.. Watersheds are areas from which water runs into a public water supply. Thus, much of the water you drink from a public source has passed through a watershed. Because of this, it's im (MORE)

What are the boundaries of a watershed?

A boundary of watershed is defined by watershed divide. This is theridge of uppermost elevation surrounding a stream or network ofstream. Rainwaters that will fall outside of the boundary willenter different watershed and will flow to different bodies ofwater.

What are moments?

A moment (or torque) is a turning effect or force that depends on two thing. It depends on the size of the force which is measured in newtons and the perpendicular distance form the force to the pivot which is measured in metres. The end result is always given in newton-metres.

Where does the expression watershed moment come from?

"a watershed in modern American history, a time that … forever changed American social attitudes" (Robert Reinhold). Probably translation of German Wasserscheide : Wasser, water + Scheide, divide, parting. St Marcellin Champagnat was asked to treat a sick boy in a watershed. The boy know no (MORE)

Watershed Liming is?

Watershed liming is a type of way to get rid of Acid Mine Drainage (AMD). It is when you take ground agricultural limestone and spread it over all or part of a watershed. The limestone neutralizes the water that leaves the watershed so it will not infect other bodies of water. Rain, snow, etc. types (MORE)

What does 'You are my watershed' mean?

This definition probably fits for friendship best. A critical point that marks a change of course; a turning point: "a watershed in modern American history, a time that … forever changed American social attitudes" (Robert Reinhold).

What is a watershed year?

A watershed year is any year making a great change or transition innational thinking. A major time in America for watershed years wasthe industrial revolution that took place after the Civil War.

What is a watershed case?

A very important case Added: Such a case (as referred to above), which alters or changes the interpretation of the law.

What is a watershed election?

A watershed Election is one that changes history.... "a campaign that decides the course of politics for decades; one that is especially memorable, or that proves to be a dividing line between historical periods."

What is a moment?

An indefinitely short period of time, a very brief portion of time as in an instant

What are the watersheds in Cebu?

It is only four watersheds proclaimed but... it has 6 watershed areas. -Midwest Cebu : Largest! covered by the central cebu Nat. Park with only one fixed exit point and that is in Asturias-Balamban border. -Malubog : Partially covered by Central Cebu Nat. Park, it is where Malubog man-made lak (MORE)

How big is a watershed?

Watersheds come in diffrent shapes and diffrent sizes. Some watersheds individually can continue to grow.

Why do we have watersheds?

Watersheds are basically the areas that water flow in order to reach the ocean. For instance, a creek is part of the watershed of the St. Joseph River, which is a part of the Great Lakes Watershed, that is a part of the St. Lawrance Seaway Watershed which filters into the Atlantic. The creeks (headw (MORE)

Why are watersheds bad?

They are bad for bays because they block most of the water and even slow down the water for our cummunity.. Furthermore, it can be bad for certain animals because they may not be able to get to yhe water, because of the watershed.

What is watershed is drained by?

A River. additional. strictly speaking, a watershed is the series of ridgelines separating different catchment areas. Often watershed is used when catchment should be.

Why was watershed created?

Assuming you're talking about the '9 o'clock watershed' for adultthemed TV programs. Theoretically, most younger children are in bedby 9pm - since they normally have to get up for school mostmornings. It was decided that if the TV channels wanted to showprograms or content that was unsuitable for yo (MORE)

What are the watersheds in Virginia?

Virginia Watersheds . Upper James River . Middle James River . Lower James River . Shenandoah River . Potomac River . Rappahannock River . York River . Chowan River . Roanoke River . Yadkin River . New River . Holston River . Clinch/Powell River . Big Sandy River . Chesapeake Bay/Sm (MORE)

How are watersheds named?

Watersheds are named to provide a common convention for identifying them.The names from the water area that created them.

Benefits of a watershed?

Watersheds provide fresh water to people around the world. They are also a reliable source of fresh water, and so are wells. ---Natalie Pickering

Why was the watershed created?

Watersheds are created when an area is drained by a river orstream. Basically, all of the water in a specific area flowsdownhill to a specific stream and then on to bigger tributaries.

Why is the watershed banned?

A watershed is the natural drainage basin of rainfall. It is not possible to ban a watershed. . Possibly you mean the 9pm 'watershed' in TV and radio in Britain, before which programmes with more adult content may not be broadcast.

What is watershed in a sentence?

A watershed is also called a drainage basin. An example of asentence using the word "watershed" is "The watershed north of theLaurentian Divide drains into Hudson Bay and the Arctic Ocean,whereas the watershed south of the Laurentian Divide drains intothe Great Lakes and the Atlantic Ocean. "

How do you map out a watershed?

You map out a watershed by getting a pencil or pen and drawing a river and then you pentonily write above the accurate drawing the hydenous title that would suit your drawing.

What does a Watershed manager do?

Watershed managers analyze streamflow monitorig data to assess water availability, to allocate limited water supplies among differert water users, and to manage flow problems like floods and drougts.

What is the antonym of watershed?

it's mountains or hills piled up because the watershed piles up in a big area( rivers streams..) 9 plz don't take my answers as real ones I'm guessing k?... )

What is a watershed and how does it work?

It depends what context you mean. Relating to TV a 'watershed' is a set time that the network has decided programs with a more adult theme can be shown - in the UK, that's 9pm.

What is a endorheic watershed?

In geography , an endorheic basin is a watershed from which there is no outflow of water (either on the surface as rivers , or underground by flow or diffusion through rock or permeable material). The term has Greek roots, endo, "inside" and rhein, "to flow". Any rain (or other (MORE)

How do you drain a watershed?

A watershed is the area of land where all of the water that is under it or drains off of it goes into the same place. Tampering with it may subject you to government enforcement and/or lawsuit.

How can a watershed be affected?

A watershed is the landform that separates two catchment areas. Commonly a ridge or a spur. The form of the watershed may be affected by erosion, or more rarely, by tectonic land uplift / subsidence forces.

What is a nested watershed?

A nested watershed is simply a watershed within a watershed. An example might be the Platte River watershed which is a nested watershed within the Missouri River watershed which in turn is nested within the Mississippi River watershed.

What is a watershed novel?

A watershed novel is book that is unpopular during the time that it is written, but becomes popular years later.