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A critical turning point.

What it is actually is a moment in time where everything changes. A point in time when nothing after will ever be the same as before. To call it a turning point technically is true, but it is an overly simplistic definition of the phrase.

The figurative meaning comes from the literal meaning of a point, or division in a river, or stream where the river is split into two distinct paths that will not intersect again

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Q: What is a watershed moment?
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What is a television watershed?

The term Watershed when use in a Sentence like, "That was a watershed moment", means simply a turning point. So a television watershed could mean a point in time when things changed. For instance, the very First Super Bowl broadcast is considered a watershed moment in television. Some people feel that President Reagan's speech calling the Soviet Union an evil empire was a watershed moment in politics.

What is a sentence using the word watershed?

After the earthquake, the watershed between the small creeks had moved to the west. We are at a watershed moment in the history of human genetic research.

Was World War 2 a watershed moment?


Who first coined the term watershed moment?

most likely a late Victorian

Why is a watershed important?

A watershed is called a watershed as it supply the water in a drainage system.A watershed is a defining moment of insight and claritywhere healing begins and lives are reclaimed

What is a nested watershed?

A nested watershed is simply a watershed within a watershed. An example might be the Platte River watershed which is a nested watershed within the Missouri River watershed which in turn is nested within the Mississippi River watershed.

Where does the expression watershed moment come from?

"a watershed in modern American history, a time that … forever changed American social attitudes" (Robert Reinhold).Probably translation of German Wasserscheide : Wasser, water + Scheide, divide, parting.St Marcellin Champagnat was asked to treat a sick boy in a watershed. The boy know nothing of the Churchs teaching. This inspired Champagnat to found the Marist Teaching Brothers

What watershed do you live on?

what watershed does everyone live on

Can humans change a watershed?

You can change a watershed by polluting it

What is watershed infarction?

watershed infarction cerebral infarction in a watershed area during a time of prolonged systemic hypotension

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It is 128 kilometers long and has a watershed of 3,990 square kilometers,so basicaly it is a watershed!^.^

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James river watershed