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cut-and-paste will allow you to remove (cut) the text from the original place and put (paste) it in the new place, effecting the move.

If you want the original left alone, then copy-and-paste will not remove the text from the original place.

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Q: What is a way to move text from one paragraph to another?
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How do you move the paragraph one page to anther?

just select the paragraph which one you want headlight the text and copy it where you want the same paragraph to there give the paste options Praveen Hounshi

What is the purpose of paragraph spacing in Microsoft word?

Paragraph spacing defines the amount of space between one paragraph and another. Line spacing defines space between one line of text and another, within the same paragraph.

How will you move one paragraph from one location to another in ms word 2007 interface?

to move a paragraph you should copy that parah and then shift it to the place where you want to settle it and then click the paste option

True or false As you type ,press Enter to move from one line to the next and not create and paragraph?

false. because if you press enter then your cursor will move down a new line and this will either start a new line in your text or paragraph.

Why do you start a new paragraph?

To start elaborating on another idea or subject. If you didn't it would be one giant block of text and that is not an essay.

Which method of moving text uses only the mouse to move the selected text from one location to another?


What is a block of text?

This usually refers to a paragraph that goes on and on and usually has no spacing or indents to differentiate one thought from another. It is usually hard to read and is often also known as a wall of text.

Which best explains what a summary is?

A shorter text that includes the main ideas of another text

What is the different from text to text and text to self?

Text to text means one article to another; text to self means relating to a book.( or paragraph, whatever you read.) ex., Her bike's wheel let out air. you might think, I remember when that happened to me! The difference is that in text to text, you are remembering from one book to the next, and in text to self, you are relating to a personal moment.

Can there be more than one text structure in a paragraph?

yes there can

When you press the Enter key one time how many blank lines do you have between lines?

If you press it while in the middle of text on one line, it will move the rest of the text onto the next line, so there will be no gap between them. So Enter will move text down one line. However, with paragraph formatting applying, a full blank line will appear between the text. So to put text on the immediate next line, you would now use Shift-Enter.

Why are paragraphs of text formatted with space after each paragraph?

Adding space after each paragraph helps improve readability by visually separating distinct blocks of text. It provides a clear visual cue that one thought or idea has ended and another is beginning, making the text easier to scan and comprehend.