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The term office applications generally refer to tools that comprise the 2007 Microsoft Office system. It could also refer to any word processors, presentation programs, spreadsheets, and editors, not in the Microsoft Office system, like Open Office or Lotus.

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How do you make a new email address?

Go to email sites like G-mail, Hotmail, Yahoo!. Then register. Go to and click make account ...
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What is bold in word processing?

this is the "bold print" this is "regular print" both are used in word processing. ...
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How can you insert columns in NeoOffice?

In NeoOffice Writer, go to the Format menu at the top of the screen and select Columns. From there you can select how many columns you want and how you want them to be arranged. ...
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What type of software is available for skip tracing companies for businesses?

Skip Tracing (or Skiptrace) is the discipline of locating a person through various information networks and feeds. Currently Skip Tracing is utilized by law enforcement persons, government personel, and various companies. Some proven Skiptrace companies are: Lexus Nexus and their Accurent program. Merlin Information Services ...
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Will Microsoft Office XP work with Microsoft Windows Vista?

Answer (maybe) "Microsoft Office 2000, Microsoft Office XP, Microsoft Office 2003, and the 2007 Microsoft Office suites are all supported on Windows Vista." ... "Because Office 2000 and Office XP are in Extended Support, there have been no fixes for issues that occur when these products are run on Windows Vista." interpretation is that you can get the usual security patches until the end of extended support (2011 for OXP). But if something breaks under Vista, you're out of luck. There is a particular problem...
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What are the disadvantages of word processor over typewriter?

fact Uses the inbuilt computer aspect More formatting features
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What is the difference between Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Express Edition and Professional Edition?

Microsoft Visual Studio is Microsoft's programming suite that combines all of its developer technologies into one big program. Microsoft Visual Studio is a commercial program and cost lots of money. Microsoft Visual Studio Express Editions (notice the bold s) is a couple of programs one for each programming language: Visual Basic Express Edition, Visual C# Express Edition and so on... with Visual Studio all these programs are built in. Visual Studio also has some other options that neither of the Express Editions have. Have a good...
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What are the components of Microsoft PowerPoint?

title bar text area scroll bar 1.Title Bar-Display the application name,file name and various window controlled like minimize button,maximize button and close button. 2.Menu Bar- Different options for selection. 3.Standard Tool Bar-Displaed by default,allows to give common commands like save file,open file,print etc. 4.View Bar-This is used to change the view of the screen. 5-The Drawing Palette-This is used to draw different shapes. 6.Formatting Tool Bar-Allows the user to give commands related to formatting cells and cell contents like Bold ,Font Size,Colour,Style etc. ...
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Why does my Office Outlook 2007 look like the 2003 version?

They did not add the Ribbon changes in Outlook 2007 for the Applciation window. However, you should notice that the Ribbon was added for Mail, Calendar, Tasks and other such items. ...
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How do you do a broken window on office jerk?

You cold use the golf ball, just throw it in the direction of the window, and than it's broken! or click on the high score pad and throw it torwards the window door ...
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How do you multiply on openoffice Calc?

Depending on what you want to multiply... =sum(a3*1.5) would multiply the contents of cell a3 by 1.5 =sum( a4*b16) would yield the result of multiplying a3 by whatever is in cell b16 ...
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What are differences between a typewriter and word processor?

A typewriter is a physical device that makes marks by generating a letter when a key is pressed or pushed. It has no memory of its own. A word processor has memory and allows you to edit or check a document before it prints the letter or output. ...
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Need telephone number for Microsoft main corporate office?

425-882-8080 They are available Monday through Friday, 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Pacific Time. This is total crap. Play like you got some brains and do a reverse look-up before you call this. Don't ever believe anything you read on the internet that can be manipulated by anonymous people. ...
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How do you deal with right click in Java Swing?

You would implement a MouseListener class like so: public class MyMouseListener extends MouseAdapter { public class MyMouseListener() {} public void mouseClicked(MouseEvent e) { if (e..getButton() MouseEvent.BUTTON3) { ; //the third button (right?) } } } Then you add in what you want to do when the correct button gets clicked. After that, you create a MyMouseListener object and register it as a MouseListener for whichever component you are trying detect events for (e.g. a pop-up menu for a JFrame). ...
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What is the best between open office and close office?

They both have their advantages. A closed office is generally quieter, but a person alone in an office may feel isolated. An open office is more noisy, but there is a sense of 'belonging' since you are in closer contact with your colleagues. ...
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What is the difference between Microsoft Office to Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Office refers to a group of programs that can include Excel, Powerpoint, Access, Outlook and some others, including Microsoft Word. So Microsoft Word is just one program out of a set of programs that make up versions of the Microsoft Office. ...
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Why would you not be able to print color documents in Microsoft 2002 Publisher if it used to print in color?

First, check that your printer's Color ink cartridge actually hasn't gone dry. Many printers use separate cartridges for black and colors. Even if the cartridges are new, the nozzles could be clogged. Check your printer for a "cleaning" feature or method. Second, if the above doesn't work or you have good, new cartridges, check the printers properties page under windows Start / Printers and right-click your printer's icon, choose PROPERTIES. Make sure you don't have "Greyscale" or "black and white" chosen as...
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Is Microsoft Entourage compatible with windows XP?

Answer No, Microsoft Entourage is included in the Office for Mac suite and is the OS X compatible mail client, whose equivalent is Microsoft Outlook in the Windows world. General opinion, is that Outlook is a more robust, less buggy client than Entourage is. See for Entourage tips and tricks. ...
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Which is better Microsoft Ofiice 2007 Enterprise edition or the professional one?

Microsoft Office 2007 has a number of different variations. A comparison chart of the different version can be found here: Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise includes more applications than the Professional or Professional Plus versions do. ...
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What experience do you have in the use of Microsoft Office packages and other systems?

I have considerable experience using MS Office software in a variety of situations, for more than twenty years. ...
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What is word processing?

WORD PROCESSING Means using a computer to create,edit and print documents. Word processing is the most common computer application. It was one of the earliest applications for the Personal Computer. ...
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Does Open Office have a program like Outlook?

No, OpenOffice doesn't incorporate an email client.