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Microsoft Office is a suite of programs bundled under one name. The suite contains Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote. Other options can also be stacked on.

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What is the PIM software in MS Office?

Microsoft Outlook would be the closest, though aspects of all of the Microsoft Office products could be used in some way to facilitate PIM requirements.

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Can you download microsoft office 2011 for free on the mac computer?

You can download a free trial of the software suite for Mac OS from the Microsoft website for Mac compatible products

This however, is a free trial only, valid for 30 days. After which, you'll have to purchase a license from Microsoft.

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Will Microsoft Office XP work with Microsoft Windows Vista?

Answer (maybe)

"Microsoft Office 2000, Microsoft Office XP, Microsoft Office 2003, and the 2007 Microsoft Office suites are all supported on Windows Vista."


"Because Office 2000 and Office XP are in Extended Support, there have been no fixes for issues that occur when these products are run on Windows Vista." interpretation is that you can get the usual security patches until the end of extended support (2011 for OXP). But if something breaks under Vista, you're out of luck.

There is a particular problem with Outlook XP under Vista (or Windows 7); because of changes in the Windows security system, Outlook XP is unable to save account passwords when running under Vista. So every time you run Outlook, you have to enter the account password.

AnswerYes. You can check the compatibility of any program with that of Windows Vista by finding the "Application Compatibilty Tool/Wizard" in the Microsoft web site.

I myself have Office XP Pro on my Vista machine. It should work fine. When it comes the version of Vista you have, it doesn't matter.

Yes it is compatiable and works fine. I use Office 2000

depends on the computer there is a vist upgrade advisor on the Microsoft webpage

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Do Sony laptops come installed with Microsoft Office?

Laptops come with all different features. Normally a laptop would come with a free trial of Microsoft Office. After the free 30 day trial you would have to purchase it yourself.

Improve any laptop by typing Google: download free open office in your browser It will cost the right price, zero.

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How much does Office 2010 cost?

Microsoft office 2010 costs between $79-$139, depending on where you shop. Amazon offers it for a midrange price of around $89 and you can buy it direct from Microsoft for a little more. If you're a student, you can get a discount.

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Can you run Microsoft Office on mini laptops?


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Is Google Docs compatible with Microsoft Office?

The two do not use the same exact formats, but it's very quick and easy to make them work together. If you have a document already saved on Google Docs, go to your Docs home page, click on the file you want to open in Office, then at the top go to File>Download as>Word/Excel/PowerPoint, etc. This will give you a the correct file format for Office. And if you have a Microsoft Office file that you want to import into Google Docs, look for the "upload" button next to "create" on the home page, then select your Office files. Google Docs will automatically convert the formats for you if it's in the original Office formats (e.i. .doc, .xls, .ppt, etc.).

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What is Microsoft office use for in banks?

to send personal letters out

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What are the components of Microsoft PowerPoint?

title bar
text area
scroll bar

1.Title Bar-Display the application name,file name and various window controlled like minimize button,maximize button and close button.

2.Menu Bar- Different options for selection.

3.Standard Tool Bar-Displaed by default,allows to give common commands like save file,open file,print etc.

4.View Bar-This is used to change the view of the screen.

5-The Drawing Palette-This is used to draw different shapes.

6.Formatting Tool Bar-Allows the user to give commands related to formatting cells and cell contents like Bold ,Font Size,Colour,Style etc.

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Is Microsoft Office compatible with Linux?

Not natively. Several products exist for running Microsoft Office on Linux, including Wine, Crossover Office, and Cedega.

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Does Office come on Windows 7 Ultimate?

No, it does not.

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How many computers can Microsoft Office 2007 be installed on?

Office 2007 licensesYou get 3 licenses with the retail version of Office 2007 Home & Student.

Other retail copies allow you to install on up to two computers, provided at least one is a laptop/netbook. Both computers must also be used by the same person. It may be possible to install on two desktops, or on a friends computer, but this would be a violation of the End User License Agreement (EULA). Microsoft has the right to deactivate one or both installs if you violate the EULA.

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Why is Microsoft office so important in the workplace?

It has a range of applications that the typical workplace requires, such as word processing software or spreadsheets. Any workplace can make use of these. There are other companies that produce these kinds of programs, but Microsoft are the biggest, so you will find Microsoft Office in most workplaces.

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Do you need to pay for Microsoft office 2010?

You can get free trial versions which last for a limited period, but to get a full version you have to pay for it.

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Is Microsoft Office 2000 compatible with Windows Vista?


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What is the difference between Microsoft Office to Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Office refers to a group of programs that can include Excel, Powerpoint, Access, Outlook and some others, including Microsoft Word. So Microsoft Word is just one program out of a set of programs that make up versions of the Microsoft Office.

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What is the difference between Microsoft Office 2003 and Microsoft Office 2007?

Office 2007 is different to Office 2003 in 3 main ways:

  • The introduction of a "ribbon"
  • The removal of toolbars & menu's
  • The introduction of XML file format

The ribbon, removal of toolbars & menus

The ribbon takes the form of a barat the top of the screen. It replaces the normal drop-down menu's and toolbars and instead categorises tool buttons into "tabs". It can take some getting used to, though the interface design is said by Microsoft to make usage easier.

A guide for the changes can be seen at the Microsoft site (see related links)

XML file format

This means two things, the default format to save work has an X at the end of it (i.e. docx) and this file format cannot be read by 2003 (without downloading a 2007 viewer). So its often a good idea save as a 2003 document, just to ensure usability on other computers.

Other Features

Office 2007 also comes complete with many new templates, giving the user much more selection and the ability to make their work look much more professional than similar templates within Office 2003.

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What is PIM software in MS office?

Microsoft Outlook

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Microsoft office is an example of?

Text processing software.

It means that is allows you to write reports, term papers, books, articles, etc.

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Where can you get a free Microsoft Office download?

You can download a free trial of MS Office and other MS software from Microsoft's web site. But you cannot ''legally'' download a fully functioning copy anywhere. Office is a rather expensive suite of programs, Microsoft is hardly likely to just give it away.

AnswerAt you can download a free copy of OpenOffice, an open source suite of office software. It's really very slick, and will do most anything you ask of it. The spreadsheet doesn't support shared workbooks yet, but I hear they're working on it. There's even a nifty website builder built in, along with a word processor, database program, and so on. Slick, smaller than office, takes less memory to run..and instead of several hundred dollars, it's free. MS Office is a fine suite of software, but if you just don't have a few hundred dollars laying around, try OpenOffice. Also, at, you can find a bunch of other open source programs, free to download and use, that are written to run on Windows machines. I've tried several, and use GIMP image manipulator and OpenOffice daily. Try it, you'll be pleasantly surprised. And, you can read files made in Office, and save your files in Office format, like .xls or .doc, so your friends who use Office can read your work too. Nice.
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Is Microsoft office for mac compatible with office on a PC or vice versa?

also, if you have office 2008 for mac installed, the default xml file format is only compatible with office 2007 for PC. when you save a file, be sure to select .doc for work, .ppt for powerpoint, and .xls for excel.

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Is open office odf compatible with Microsoft office?

Microsoft Office software has supported the Open Document Format (ODF) for several years and Microsoft supply converters for earlier (before Office 2007) versions of Office that did not support the format.

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Does Microsoft office mean it is only for offices?

No it for households as well as businesses

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What are differences between copying and moving a cell range?

Copy leaves the information in its original location and makes another copy of the information when you use Paste. But in moving it removes the information and pastes it to another location.

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What is the product key of ms office onenote 2007?

You'll find the product key in the documentation that came with the software. Every product key is unique !


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