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Q: What is a way you can say grandmother in a form of afrikaans?
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How do say enjoy in Afrikaans?

"wel gedaan" is the way you say well done in afrikaans

How do you translate 'Thank you in advance' into Afrikaans?

dankie vooruit Or a better way to say it is "byvoorbaat, dankie"

What does Busia mean in Polish?

Busia means grandmother. Busia means grandmother in Americanized Polish. The way to say Grandmother in Polish is Babcia. See Related Links.

How do you translate 'questions' into Afrikaans?

'vraag' or its plural: 'vragen' vraag is the afrikaans way it means question

How do you punctuate the English term 'great grandmother'?

Great grandmother is a correct way to punctuate the way of genealogically identifying the grandmother of one's father or mother. This is due to a current tendency not to be heavy-handed in the use of dashes and hyphens, which traditionally are more costly in type-setting. The form great-grandmother nevertheless will be found too.

How do you say grandparents in Mexican?

Mexican is not a language. The way you say grandparents in SPANISH is abuelos for both or abuela for grandmother and abuelo for grandfather.

What does the word gran actually mean?

The word gran is a shortened form of "grandma" or "grandmother". It's an informal way of addressing a grandmother. Some people will use the name "nan" or "nana" instead.

What is a rafter foundation?

It are a Afrikaans way of saying Raft Foundation.

How do you say great-grandmother in Finnish?

"Isoisoäiti" is the most formal way of saying it, a more casual version is for example "isomummi".

Is great-grandmother correctly spelled?

great grandmother is the correct way to spell it.

How do you say 1.75 in standard form?

The way you wrote it is the standard form.

What is the lebanese word for grandmother?

grandmother : teta ( in Arabic Lebanese). And it is written this way : تيتا