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A epidemiological research method is a study of the frequency and distribution of a certain disorder within a certain population. For example a epidemiological research method could include how the AIDS virus affects people differently concerning gender and race. This method of research is also very effective in providing occurrence variables in concurrence with social and cultural factors concerning each group as a method of explanation to why certain people are more prone to certain disease or disorders. This research method primarily focuses on the prevalence of a disease or disorder, the incidence concerning how many new cases occurred within a year and the risk factors that are associated with the disease or disorder. This knowledge of course provides to be very important information to public and to health care facilities to properly orchestrate their facilities to best treat people most effectively. It also provides much more detailed information concerning individuals and what risk factors they need to be aware of and what factors to pay more attention to as being prone to certain diseases over others. The results of a epidemiological research study can be used to more thorough research methods.

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Q: What is a weakness of Epidemiological studies?
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