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Q: What is a website where you type something in and then it will say it back in a weird way?
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When you type my cursor goes back automatically?

When I type YOUR cursor goes back automatically? Weird much??? if that is, when i am typing this answer to your question your cursor goes back automatically.

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What is a website where you type something and your computer reads it?

Google Translator.

Is there a website that you can type something and see it in Spanish?

yes babale fish

Is there a website that talks back to you?

type in talk to simsimi and youll find it

Is there a website where you type and the site types back?

It's called

How do you post something on this website?

Type your question where it says "Ask us anything."

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Remember to Check Your Back link Profile.

Is there a site where you type something and the computer sings it?

Yes it's a website called Oddcast.

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