White Tigers

What is a white tiger used for?

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What is stronger a Siberian tiger or a white tiger?

white tiger

What is the German word for white tiger?

white tiger = weißer Tiger

What color is the white tiger?

white or the white tiger can be orange.

What do you call a white tiger?

a white tiger

How is the White tiger different from the normal tiger?

They aren't different the White Bengal Tiger is just white and the Bengal Tiger is orange.

What eats the white tiger?

A white tiger is a teritory consumer so no animal eats white tiger.

What do white tiger ears?

What do white tiger ears... what?

Who wrote the white tiger?

'The White Tiger' was written by Aravind Adiga and 'White tiger' was written by Rohini Chowdurry.

Can a white tiger and a orange tiger have a white tiger?

Well it is possible but usually they don't have it

How would you describe a white tiger?

a white tiger is white with black stripes

Is the amur tiger classified like the white tiger?

No. The white tiger is merely a gentic flaw of the Bengal tiger.

What is the kingdom of the white tiger?

the white tiger is in the animal kingdom

What is the name of the white tiger?

The white tiger is not a different speicies

How does a white tiger get its food?

the white tiger hunts at night

What are the enemies of a white tiger?

White tiger enemies are gorillas

Can a white tiger eat you?

yes the white tiger can eat you

What is the name of the white tiger with black stripes?

White Tiger.

Is the white tiger a producer or consumer?

a white tiger is a producer

Does the mom white tiger or the dad white tiger raise the cub?

The mom white tiger raises the cub(s).

Which is rarer white or golden tigers?

Golden tiger is rarer than the white tiger.Beacuse there are 200 white tiger are in the world.But there is only 30 golden tiger are in the world.So golden tiger is rare than the white tiger.

What is the family of the white Siberian tiger?

There is no such thing as a white Siberian tiger, the white tiger is just a genetically mutated Bengal tiger and they are only found in zoos.

Why is the white tiger white?

A white tiger can only be born when both parents carry the unusual gene for white colouring. Not many tigers have this gene which leaves the Bengal tiger ( white tiger ) extremely endangered .

What is the common name for the white tiger?

I believe the common name for the white tiger is the Bengal Tiger.

What is the hight of a White Siberian Tiger?

White Siberian tigers do not exist. The white tiger is just a genetically mutated Bengal tiger.

What dose a white tiger look like?

A white tiger is all white with black stripes the most famous is a tiger is a Mohan.